Monday, November 9, 2009

A Night to Remember

Ever since I was in 5th grade I have been an avid football fan. I recall the first game I watched with my dad where he explained move by move, play by play to me. I was 11 years old and a 5th grader at the time. I was in my Saints skirt, shirt and had my lucky clip in. It was the playoffs and the Saints were playing the Vikings. The day before, we went to the airport and watched the Saints take off. I saw the reporters that covered the game and thought how neat that would be. I listened to the callers from the press-box who were elevated and could see everything and thought it would be really neat to be there. Since I decided to to journalism, I opted to either go with fashion or sports, but alas, I have found my calling.
Flash forward 9 years later. I'm 20 years old and at the Boise State-Tech game. I'm with my friends sitting in student section dancing around with our faces painted as I text my journalism professor, Judith. She asked what I was doing at the game and such and if I was painted up...then I got the text that would change my life. It read, "U can come 2 the press box and cover the last half if u want."
I nearly fainted when I read that. I told my friends I'd see them later because I WAS GOING TO THE PRESS BOX! No more drunkies, no obnoxious people, no more dumb blondes and I could see everything! I sprinted to the bathroom, washed my paint off (people inquired if I thought the game was bad enough to wash it off and my response was I'M GOING TO THE PRESS BOX, PEOPLE!"
I said it super excited with dance moves. Imagine that. Well I sprint over to the other side as fast as I could go (I didn't fall...BONUS!) and I see Judith at the elevator. She handed me my press pass and we got on the elevator...note: my stomach is in knots and I'm texting my parents ninety-to-nothing.
The elevator stops and the doors open. I had this incredible view of the field, my friends and the reporters around me. I took notes, absorbed every moment and cheered on, quietly. I felt like I was following my dream as I looked at stats, took notes on actions and felt so ESPN-esque up there.
And I got to thinking: had I gone to LSU, I would never have this experience, have my amazing friends or these opportunities at my feet. I love doing sports with a passion and hope to work my way in media relations or with a big company someday (unless I'm a stay-at-home mom, of course). I cannot thank God enough for opening all of these amazing doors. And the best part is that I was offered to cover the next game, which I readily accepted. I've realized this year that writing for sports is possibly the best thing that could ever happen to me and I cannot thank Judith enough for giving me this opportunity.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Lately I've been booked every night with my friends. I feel horrible because I have missed church Wednesday nights a few times lately, but at the same time I enjoy the company of my friends. I have been incredibly blessed with the best friends anyone could ask for. Almost everyday all of us get together and hang out. The best part is that we all hate drinking and surrounding ourselves with it as well as explicit language. We're all different, come from different homes and our parents each raised uniquely. We all have our quirks and what makes us tick. We all get annoyed by different things, but my life would be completely different without these people.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dropping and Dying

And I dropped Art Appreciation.
I could barely pull a C and come on- who pulls a C in an appreciation class?
I'm retaking it next quarter.

On another note, I was Demi Lovato for the BCM dance last night...people thought I looked like Sher.
And I dyed my hair with the wash out kind hoping to incorporate some came out my exact same color with some black in it.

So I'm waiting 2 weeks then it gets dyed again...a shade lighter....

Monday, October 26, 2009


I decided to wing out my Art Appreciation until Friday. If I can pull A's and B's in all of my other classes, I should be okay with a C in there. I'm waiting on one other grade to come in, but I should be fine...I hope.
Here's my thing: my parents are paying for the remaining amount for scholarships and such. If I drop my Art Appreciation class, I think I should pay them for the course that I wasted their money on.
And I just told my mom...this will be interesting.

Friday, October 23, 2009


So I have a huge upcoming decision...

I have a 55 in an online class and it is entirely my fault. I was the one who put off stuff and allowed stress to come in and missed my quizzes, didn't watch the necessary videos and had a careless attitude. Next quarter, if I drop this class, I plan on taking it again. And I failed my journalism midterm- but I can bring it up when I study my butt off for the final. So my biggest concern is Art Appreciation.

Here's what I'm going to do:
-work my butt off the next few quizzes
-see what I have
and if it's not great, I'll drop.
I just want to pass...just pass! And keep TOPS...and keep my family happy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We all know I love Boston and want to live there someday.
Here's the thing: I'm terrified to go alone.
I am a very independent person, but if I don't have at least one person up there as moral support, I don't think I can do it.
Plus, I want to meet Mr. Right in college, and right now that doesn't look like it's going to work.
So here's my thing: I could move up there, find the man of my dreams and live happily ever after OR move up there and be miserable by stupid arrogant democrats and expensive living.
I'd like to go with the first, but things may not go as I plan. All my friends know I need moral support everywhere as well.

But tonight (this story has nothing to do with Boston), some of my close friends and I rolled our friend Lauren's house. Oh it was fun. We rolled her tree, bushes, forked some of her yard and did sidewalk chalk.
And we rolled her car.
It was great, I tell you, GREAT, but then her lame COLLEGE neighbors drove up.
And they called her.
And then she came outside.
Oh but we into the bushes...and away...
Then she caught us.
We did however document being caught and the mummification of Sarah (me) by toilet paper to myself.
Twas fun.
To make it worse, her neighbors stood there and WATCHED US from across the street.
Can you say creeper?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Miss One Thing in High School

I have a journalism midterm today. It might kill me.
I went in to this thing 2 weeks ago trying to prepare never happened.
And then last night I was determined I'd study breaks were longer than actual studying.
Pathetic? Yes.
But these tests are HARD, I tell you, HARD. It's a bunch of listing that when you look at it you think, oh common sense....but NO!
These questions are killer and in-depth...
So friends, thank you for following and reading my blogs for the past 7 months. I believe this is my last as I shall fall to my death as I turn the mid-term in today.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Life Hates Me

I'm thoroughly convinced that everything hates me right now.
Here's why:
1. My iPod cannot hold a charge and when I go to charge it, the battery drains. To make matters worse, I have to troubleshoot it ALL THE TIME.
2. My MacBook has an issue with the headphone jack. It has some switch turned on right now where I only hear music if headphones are plugged in. It stinks!
3. I got really excited that I could wear my rainboots to class today. I get there and the girl next to me said, "Hey, you have a hole in your rainboots."
Sure enough, I look at the back and the seam came undone. Great.
4. My mom didn't move money over this week and I have $2 in my bank account. Unless she moved over today. She "keeps forgetting" to pay back for the groceries.
5. The guy I like keeps texting one of my close friends. No big- I know they would NEVER date. It just grates my nerves. A little. That he's texting a girl and not me. But like I said, it grates my nerves...just a little.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Breakdown in Wal Mart

Yesterday was such a bad day! To start off, I put off my duty for Tech Talk and getting interviews done by running around town and all over with my friends. Know how long it took? 9 hours. NINE HOURS. But it was the time of my life. So yesterday comes and I am stressed bigtime. My article ran front page of the college paper, which is exciting, but I honestly would have rather had all my assignments done. And the worst part about when I stress is my avoidance of things. I was in a big mishap with my mom and my other story was falling through AND I didn't want to get a 50 on my grade for the paper (class) because God only knows how much of a basket-case I would be.
So I'm walking in Wal Mart (note: I'm really when stress comes around, I go grocery shopping), and I'm talking to my mom who was stressing me out. Oh and Wal Mart doesn't sell Damp-Rid. Our apartment has a lot of moisture in the air that causes papers to be damp (not sure why) and the guy told me to look at Ziplock bags. Do I have "DUMMY" written across my forehead? No. It would be by air filters, DUH.
So I went in the bathroom, got in a stall, and bawled it out for 5 minutes then spent another 5 to clear up my eyes. The rest of the time I faked allergies in Wal Mart. HA.
Well I get out of there and head to get pizza with a friend, and as I call the sports editor to tell him my back-up idea and he loved it. Well then I told him it might be late, but I can have it done sometime tonight and you know what his response was?
"Oh, it's due Sunday at 5 p.m."
Seriously the Hallelujah chorus ran through my head.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Songs of My Life

Ever have those songs that you listen to and you think, Man, THIS IS MY LIFE!? It's the story of mine.
First off, Demi Lovato and I are separated at birth or something. Her song, "Don't Forget," screams my life. You find that person, you have a fling (or you think there's something) and then they forget you, and at the same time you're trying to forget them.
"Catch Me" is my new fave. I've grown really close to about 5 or 6 girls this year. The past few nights we've had girls night (and my grades aren't so hot because of it). But they think I'm going to marry this guy, and they are ALWAYS saying, "he's gonna lick your toes" and "OOOOWEEOOO Sarah and ________!"
I find it rather amusing that I, in complete denial it would work out since I long to be in Boston and he elsewhere, would date this guy. I mean he's very attractive and all, but I mean there are some flaws. I just don't see it happening. Mark my words however if we did date, we might get married, MIGHT.
Oh and my friends joke around the fact I am obsessed with weddings.
So here's my likings: Disney, Boston and weddings.
I sound like a wait, I think I am one.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney Has My Heart

So I thought I'd share some things real quick:
1. Jonas Brothers are returning to New Orleans at 7 p.m. on December 14 at the New Orleans Arena...I'm considering cutting class to go...seriously.
2. I've had a recent obsession for listening to Hannah Montana. Strange? Yes.
3. I think a 12-year-old has taken over my body and has also given me the hyperness of her friends.

That's all, folks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pet Peeves

We all have our pet peeves, so I thought I'd share and explain a few of mine...actually, there are several:
1. Talking on the phone and driving. I do it as well, but when you are going 65 in a 70 mph zone, in the fast lane, GET IN THE RIGHT LANE AND DRIVE.
2. Awkward people. I hate being around the most awkward person on the planet who is either really sketchy or quiet and when you go to talk to them they give one-word answers. My gosh, go hide in a corner or something!
3. Bad hair. Though my hair tends to fro when it's humid out, I have my best friend- a hairtie- to pull my hair back and still make me look presentable. Heck, I just wear it curly if I know it'll be humid. Oh and a blow dryer alone won't straighten your hair, people! Unless it's already naturally straight...
4. There are two sides of the side-walk. TWO. Use them. One side for going and one side for coming. And if you're city-dumb, the right side is for people walking ahead and the left is for people walking towards you. It's not a hard concept.

Ok, I think I'm good now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Cow Cheese

You know the Happy Cow commercial? It's the story of my life. If you haven't seen it, the commercial always opens up with this woman telling some story in her life then laughing it off with the cheese that has 35 calories per pouch and like 1 gram of fat. It's supposedly like miracle cheese. Anywho, I feel like most of my life is like that. I always have a story behind everything. Always. And I love sharing and hearing stories- they're the heartbeat of my life. So here's my Laughing Cow story of the day. I left Soul Food with my friend Leslie cause I needed another cup of coffee today. As we were pulling off, the barista man was like flinging his arms in the air. I left my $50 giftcard behind and threw my car in reverse- very careful not to scratch Maybelline, four-month-0ld Corolla. Well the guy was dying laughing and was like, "uh ma'am, you forgot your receipt."
Story of my life.
And today I discovered I can not go to some grand event without having some form of distraction to others. This guy came and spoke at our school and as everyone is dead quiet and they're recording this, my phone dropped. Not a slight like BAM where everyone in the auditorium could hear it.
So prepared for more cheeseball stories as I get this migraine the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro. And why is it that massive? I forgot to drink my cup of coffee this morning. So here I am, drinking my iced coffee and listening to Enya all while I blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Pre-K Teacher

From the three-year-olds through eighth grade, I attended a small Baptist school in Metairie (we locals prounonced it Metry). I remember when I was in the four-year-olds, I had the coolest preschool teacher. No lie, she was off the charts on fun. After we moved from the south-shore to the north-shore (only difference: elevation above sea level and population), we lost contact. And then came Facebook.
On February 17, 2008 (pathetic I know the date, I know), I created my beautiful Facebook page and instantly reconnected with old friends. Well Facebook has this lovely (at the same time annoying) thing called, "People You May Know." Oh man, I made some good friends on that. And what's even better is when you're stalking someone and you see an old friend/teacher/whatever comment on it. And there she was, my four-year-old teacher, Mrs. Dotsie. The woman was GREAT with kids.
She took us on dinosaur hunts (okay, so they hid chicken bones, but still we're four, we don't know) and to the zoo, aquarium and other places around New Orleans. I still have this ornament she gave me in her class of a guy and girl nutcracker and you pull the string and his legs and arms move. Seriously, it's incredible.
You know how everyone has that one teacher they will absolutely never forget? Though I have several, Mrs. Dotsie is the number one. Oh and she taught me how to share by using this T-Rex thing and goldfish and she went to us and asked us if she could have one. She did some cool voice that eventually made us share them. My favorite memory: thinking caps were shower caps we'd put on our heads as we sat in a circle to brainstorm.
Mrs. Dotsie, you are the BOMB!

More On Sleep...

Don't you hate those nights when you have to fall asleep and have these grand plans to go to sleep, but they fail? Welcome to my life tonight. It was 9:56 when I texted my friend goodnight since I have a busy week and have got to catch up on sleep. 9:56, keep that in mind. Well I kept tossing and turning, and somewhere around 11, I fell asleep. Only for an hour. I am a woman who needs my sleep, otherwise I am a cranky person you do not want to be around, and I'm the absolute worst when I lack in sleep AND I don't have my coffee. I gave up around 12:30 and decided to blog. So here I am. I wrote a little note to Insomnia about my love for Sleep (my knight in shining armor). I also have really bad indigestion from this shrimp stir fry I bought. I think I downed it too fast. Here's another thing...I have never had indigestion until tonight. It's one of those things I kind of wanted to have just to experience what it would be like, but I realized it is awful and could jump off a bridge for wanting that. But I won't jump. Don't worry. I'm not that crazy when I lack in sleep. I believe the tossing and turning was from the indigestion, and I have tried curing it by chewing at least 5 Tums, downing 2 tablespoons of Pepto (or the Wal Mart version of it) and taking some NyQuil. I really hope that's not a drug overload...
And now I believe I am going to try to fall back asleep...goodnight all!


Dear Insomniac,
While I currently have a great relationship with Sleep, I'd like him back. For once. You have over a billion other people to intrude on, and you pick me. Oh how lucky am I....not! So I'm begging you, please leave me and Sleep alone. Our relationship was perfect before you intruded. And not even Sleep's best friend, NyQuil could help. Anyways, I am going back to find Sleep and try to win him back, since you apparently are not helping.

Never To Be Yours,

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was putting on my moisturizer this morning when I had a flashback. When I was little, my mom would teach me how to do simple things like laundry (I wanted to learn so bad that by the age of 10 I was doing my own), fixing hair and applying lotion. My mom loves whenever I'll put lotion on her legs. Strange, yes, but every night whenever my dad gets home and the kitchen is cleaned from dinner, my parents sit on the couch and my dad rubs my mom's feet. I think it's so romantic and a huge form of love. My dad has a long and stressful job, but he cannot wait to do a simple thing for my mom.
I remember the first time my mom showed me how to put lotion on. Her back was dry and she needed some but couldn't reach. I don't even remember how old I was, but I was probably between kindergarten and third grade. She put a drop on my leg and hers and told me to rub it until it becomes invisible. I thought it was so cool.
So this morning as I was putting moisturizer on (which will be followed by foundation and the rest of the makeup ritual), I remembered that moment in my life. And I thought I'd share it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Good To Be Back

So I'm back at Tech now..and let me just say it has been a roller coaster since! It is so nice to be back with all my friends, plus tonight Tech stomped on Nicholls 48-13. It was pretty awesome. And I was stuck next to a drunk as it was pretty great I guess. But anyways I must say this year has been incredible byfar. I have a great roommate, incredible new and old friends and I can burn candles (cheesy I know)...but it makes me so happy to be able to make a room smell good and feel warm. So anywho, my bed and some food calls. Just thought I'd blog about uh this year.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fresh Start

Last Friday I moved up to Ruston, and let me just say, I was more than ready for this move. I love my parents truly and dearly, but I was ready to get away and be with my friends- and thank God we all made it safe! I'm not going to lie- my apartment is awesome, I have an incredible and understanding roommate, and I'm so ready for God to move in my life even more than He did last year. I've been stressing a lot lately over Tech Talk- the school paper, and I've gotten the cold/allergy junk...not fun. Another downfall has been my spiritual walk. I went through a lot of highs and lows this summer with God and now I'm at a low. And I know when I'm at a low because that is when the devil works in me not to be myself. I have not made bad choices or gone off the deep end, but I know I will if I don't get back into my routine of a quiet time and such. So I'm sipping some nighttime herbal tea and blogging while listening to Phil Wickham, all in hopes of motivating myself to finish my Housing story (which will rock, by the way). I have realized the past few days that I have got to step up my spiritual walk because the devil is trying his best to put things in my way where I cannot have my quiet time, and I cannot let that happen. Tonight we had an event called Fusion and the worship was incredible (mostly Phil Wickham songs). I got a lot out of it and it was such a refreshing time for me to get with God. I'm just hoping I make the right choices this year and surround myself with good influences. I was in the Tech Talk lab, and let me tell you, that is a mission field in itself. Most of the students in there were talking about getting drunk on NyQuil and overdosing on medication along with drinking. Honestly, they are missing something in their life to do that and I left there knowing I'm going to have to be bold this year.
I've gone off on a tangent far too long here, so I am off to finish 10 lines of my Tech Talk story then sleep, go to class, and do an interview/write a story tomorrow...and I'm just praying for the strength to get me through...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Boo Thyroids

If you know me and have been around me long enough, you probably know I get cold very easily. For instance, we keep our thermostat on 78 and even though I have the fan constantly going, I'm freezing in my room. So I went to the endocrinologist today for my checkup on my hypothyroidism and now we believe I have anemia. Why I'm telling the blogging world this, I have no idea...but I figured I'd just spill since I have the worst internal lie. Lately I have been drinking gobs and gobs of water, I'm always thirsty and wanting to eat. So I went to Web MD's site and I have either anemia or diabetes. Do I want either? No way. But this is the positive that I'll see through either...diabetes: better healthy lifestyle, potentially curable (if I'm type 2 and can lose the weight down), and I can go out and buy all of Nick Jonas' Bayer stuff. And here's the uplifting stuff for anemia: I get to eat more green beans (MY FAVORITE FOOD), I get to boost my iron levels, and my blood pressure will remain the same since I generally run low. I try not to focus on the negative things like shots and pricking and the testing, but I also know that whatever it is that I have and for whatever reason I've experienced these symptoms, something good will come out of it. I know that I've both lost and gained weight this summer and I know that I'll never be a size 2, but my goal this school year is just to be healthy and improve my thyroid levels and whatever else I may have.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost 20...what?

So my 20th birthday is on Monday, and let me just say, I had the best gift...ever (for me at least)!! On August 15, I went to the New Orleans Arena with a fellow Jonas fan and we sat 9th row, soaking up the Jonas madness- and the foam. Kevin (my favorite) and I made eye contact 11 times..that's right, 11! I lost my voice for a day, had ears still screeching on Tuesday from the screaming girls, and paid way too much for a ticket, but every dime and symptoms of a Jonas concert were well worth it! I had to get limewire twice this week just to get exclusive Jonas songs I can't find on don't get was strictly out of desperation for my men! And I've been so busy with work and babysitting and squeezing in friend time that I haven't blogged! I highly recommend Nick's debut cd that came out in's self-titled Nicholas Jonas and is the best thing! He's so spiritual and good, even though he was what, 12? He hasn't hit puberty yet, but it's still incredible! And lately I've grown addicted to dresses. It all started with a black dress the lady I babysit for gave me. Then I realized guys like girls with dresses, so I bought a green jersey one at Target...and then I bought 2 at Macy's the other day..and the addiction keeps growing! Ah! So anywho I have to go order Nick's dog tag then go to sleep since I have to get up early tomorrow for getting my blood tested (I have thyroid disease so it gets tested every 3-6 months) and shopping with my momma...but I leave you with a Jonas pic :)
This was during When You Look Me In The Eyes
And yes, clutzy Joe is on the piano...
We prayed he wouldn't fall!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh I've Been Blessed

I'm babysitting right now, but everyone's asleep, so I'm going to blog. Oh and I'm watching a Cubs game...oh yeah. So anyways I leave Monday to go to Glorieta and I'm super pumped. The mountains and scenery is just beautiful and it's a great spiritual awakening...and some of my closest friends are going. I discovered last night that no matter what I do, my parents will always love me. My mom and I got in a huge fight and I was very emotional- and most of the fight was just me being a teenager (thank GOD that's almost over!) and from my lack of sleep. Had I had received a lot of sleep this past week, I think we would not have gotten in an argument and frankly I can't even remember what the main thing was that started the domino effect. All I know is my mom came in my room and checked on me and tried to talk to me twice and constantly told me she loved me no matter what. I eventually got done with my mad phase and we watched a movie together. I woke up this morning with puffy eyes as a reminder that crying at night is a horrible thing.
Back to babysitting now....these people have got quite possibly the coolest washer and dryer set I've ever lie. So I was here once and the kids' mom was about to leave and I hear this singing noise. I was like, "OMG! What is that?" and the mom quickly told me how the dryer sings when it's done- so does the washer AND you can pick the awesome? Plus you can even see the clothes get washed thanks to the clear front of the washer. I'm completely sold on this.
The only thing I'm a little irked at is Tech's housing. I got a private room because I had been told constantly about roommates and blah blah blah. Well I got a private room for next year and heard I might get a roommate from some friends. I called housing, gave them my dorm and they said they haven't even heard that rumor and I was guaranteed my room strictly to me. This was July 30, so I shouldn't get any alarming news now, right? WRONG. I get this perky little letter today praising me for going to this school and blah blah blah when it tells me in the final paragraph I AM GETTING A ROOMMATE. Sarah=angry. Sarah's mom=furious. So my mom has this huge plan of calling housing Monday morning at 8 am when they open to get a full explanation here. Complete as to why I get told this and then today get a letter dated July 27, claiming I am not alone in my room. Go mom. Another reason why I'm thankful for mom who goes off on a tangent to my dad about it and as scared as he is of her at this moment nods and says, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," like constantly because he has learned to agree. Smart man.
Well anywho I have got to get back to this Cubs game...woot woot
And they're winning :)
Against the Marlins
Hasta La Vista

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh My, A Month

It's crazy to believe it's been a month since I've blogged. Gosh so much has happened! First off, I dearly miss journalism class because I have been the worst at grammar lately without discipline. Secondly, we went to Destin last week and my back has suddenly decided to look strange and peel from sunburn. Anywho I have made enough so far to have money back for the school year and even more for extra emergencies..sooooo great! And I heard the best advice last night for all single ladies out there: LET THE MAN PURSUE YOU! If he doesn't, then he'll expect to be pursued throughout the relationship. I was so happy after hearing that. Anywho I have to run babysit but I figured I'd blog something since I have one of these things...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Wow..

So at the beginning of summer, I was super bummed to find that I had to go job searching and might not be able to babysit as much....BUT...I witnessed a miracle. After being home for a week doing my own things with my friends, my mom called me thrilled with news. I thought i was out a job at Gilsbar this summer, but I got a raise and I just have to scan and copy documents all day long while listening to Radio Disney (new love) and Kidd Kraddic! It blew my mind. PLUS they agreed to work with my babysitting schedule! Once again I have my own desk, computer, and I hog the copy machine, scanner, and huge cabinets all day by helping them go paperless! The even better thing is I babysit 2 days a week during the day and at least 2 nights during the week! I give my mom half my babysitting money and all my Gilsbar money (after tithing) and it turns out that I've already got 2 complete quarters worth of money saved- she moves over $25/week (I put myself on allowance so I don't overspend it). I was worried that once my scanning part in Finance was over, I'd be out a job, but my boss told me that she has a lot for me to do that they recently found while I was scanning and they need me as long as I'm here! I'm going to Glorieta, and besides that week, I'll be working every possible day I can (minus weekends and babysitting) with extra money because of the raise! Oh I was so excited and I still am! This has totally blown my mind because my mom and I prayed every day that week I could find a job somewhere,  hoping an office job would come up. At the rate I'm going though, I might end up with more than $25/week and can help pay insurance for the year, car payment, or whatever else I can financially help my parents pay for on my part (like school or dorms). 
What makes me even more excited is the down time I also get. On days I babysit, I can come home and relax the rest of the day- or for a few hours then go back and babysit or hang out. On my Gilsbar days, I can come home after work and just relax, or once a week I can hang out with my friend, Katerina. So with having the brand new car and 2 jobs I love, this is the best summer ever and I thank God daily for blessing me this much!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I haven't blogged in a few weeks so here's how my summer is going...AMAZING! I'll put events in the best chronological order I can. At first I was bummed because I only had a babysitting/nanny job a few days a week and needed another form of income. Well the insurance company I've worked at for years contacted me about some scanning (I really do love scanning) and I got a raise PLUS they found a lot of files for me to scan! If that enough was not good news, the day before that I got my first BRAND NEW car! My mom took me test driving Wednesday and then last Thursday we picked it up. I could have had either silver or red. Being chic and laid back, I chose silver just so it wouldn't be a target for the cops...THEN I leave tomorrow night on our voyage to Chicago! We plan on  pulling up at the hotel Sunday night, and even though I hate the drive, I have the Jonas Brothers to keep me company. Oh and about them! I go to their concert on August 15 and my mom is FINALLY becoming a fan! If that isn't good news enough, I'm thinking about working at Radio Disney after college. I LOVE Disney and would LOVE to work for them. Oh and the JoBros are on the cover of most magazines these days, so I'm extra excited about that! Well anywho...that's a wrap...I'll blog soon about Chicago!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well friends, summer is finally here! It's good to be home and have free laundry, good actual food, and my own bedroom! It's still a mess...but it'll get spotless this week. Already I miss everyone I met in Ruston and cannot wait for September to come where I can see them! 

Friday, May 15, 2009


I LOVE weddings and therefore I'm super pumped about this weekend! Well to start off my cousin had a little girl yesterday, Lydia Elise- how cute! Two of my friends I went to youth with are getting married tomorrow at noon. All of my close friends from church are going to be there to celebrate this remarkable day. They are the godliest couple I've ever met. They prayed long and hard and won their honeymoons. Yes, that was plural. They entered into 2 contests, prayed about it and then won 2 honeymoons! How amazing is that? And then on One Tree Hill last night, Lucas and Peyton (or should I say Leyton) finally got married! But they're dying next episode, so that's not exactly happily ever after (even though I loved their wedding ceremony). I'll definitely be on the edge of my seat when I watch the season finale to see the creative way they'll kill Lucas since we all know Peyton's a goner. And that's a wrap.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In A Wrap

Even though freshman year isn't quite done yet, I thought I'd blog about it. To start off, I came to Tech knowing all of 4 people, and the only person I truly knew was my roommate. My first day, I made some friends, but in the past 9 months, I have made more friends than I could imagine. My views on certain things have changed as well as my beliefs on certain issues. I have grown closer to Christ than I could imagine and have found my place at the BCM. I attended Chi Alpha until this quarter when a lot started coming up on Thursdays. I may visit some next year, but I have felt that I need to stay with the BCM. 
I made most of my friends either at the BCM or in the journalism department. Others I met through friends I had. College exceeded my expectations. I've learned to accept new ways, new people, and new ideas. I used to be semi closed-minded on certain things. I learned that I don't know the Bible as well as non-believers who question why Christians do some things they do. It kicked my butt and now I have to double check my beliefs on certain things.
I have grown a new love for Broadway and hatred for foul language and smoking. I've met people from all over instead of just a certain area of town. I found myself going to church alone, and felt a call at the end of the year to go church hunting. Another church has sparked my interest and I absolutely cannot wait till next year when I get to go back to this church. I have realized I am not 100% Baptist, but rather my beliefs are mixed with others denominations. 
As I head home every weekend from now till May 22, I pray that next year will be even better than my freshman year. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Service Among the Church

So lately I've been going to a non-denominational church here and it has gone beyond anything I expected. This morning, there was a torrential downfall as I woke up, but I still chose to go to church because I love the feeling I have when I leave the church. I feel rejuvenated and on fire and drive through the streets blaring my music that worships our Creator. I grew up Baptist, so my parents were upset when they first found out a few weeks ago I was going to start attending a non-denominational church. I think at times they are upset that I don't go to Baptist church anymore up here and have found my place at this community church. 
I was attending a local Baptist church, but left after feeling alone and isolated. This place is so welcoming and friendly, it's unreal. The worship is real and even though the sermons go about 20 minutes longer than what I'm used to, I absorb it. I'm incredibly happy there and have connected on a deeper level with Christ there. This morning, as it was raining the apocalypse, there were men with umbrellas escorting families and people to the building. I was amazed at their service. I go to a huge church back home- over 2,000 members- and there has never been that kind of service. Even the pastor was outside with the umbrella and offered to escort me- I had my own umbrella, so I declined the service, knowing there were others around me who needed it. 
This church has had a positive effect on my life, and I cannot wait to see what happens next year. I have to go home the next few weeks for a wedding and babysitting and then finally to stay home! I'm just so glad my freshman year turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today I was on facebook and a friend sent me a link to a video he was telling me about. To be quite frank this friend is obnoxious and at times can get on my nerves- like a lot of my friends do- but this just tipped the iceberg. I watched it, and go figure it was somebody ragging on the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings. The whole 2-3 minutes of the video felt like a lifetime and I just sat there disgusted. I never liked South Park and found it for creepy men who could never grow up from cartoons, so Hollywood had to come out with perverted cartoons just to feed the creepy old men as they age. 
I thought the video was very immature and crude beyond words. It made me sick inside and boiling with anger. Sure, I lashed out at this person for it, and do I feel bad about it? Not one bit. In fact, I was rather glad that I brought up my point that I am all gung-ho about wearing purity rings. Sure, we exchanged our opinions, but I'm rather relieved it didn't result in an ended friendship. The rest of this blog is dedicated to what really enraged me with the video.
When I was 14, I did the True Love Waits thing at church and made my commitment to stay pure till I get married. I got the purity ring and am still 100% pro-abstinence. What really ticks me off are the people who have no self control go off and make this commitment then toss it because they meet "Mr. Right" who turns out to want the girl for all the wrong reasons. I truly and honestly believe that Hollywood cannot stand the fact that 3 young guys want to change the world of music by taking a stance on purity and what's better yet is their music lyrics. They aren't straight up nasty with girls, they talk about their inner feelings about dating them and a kiss, nothing more. I honor that entirely.
What also frustrates me are the stupid annoying immature boys (they don't even deserve the title men) who crack gay jokes. Seriously, if you want to score points as my friend, END THE GAY JOKES AND THE JONAS JOKES. I personally get offended when my likes and interests are constantly bashed in my face. I took the video as a slap in the face, primarily when Mickey Mouse was cussing profanities at Joe and it shows him getting beaten up. Sadly, the stupid immature creepy old boys probably laughed at the video in their drunken splendor. I on the other hand took it to the next level of ticked off. 
Granted, not everyone is perfect and I by no means are calling the Jonas Brothers perfect. Heck, they admit easily to imperfection. What I am trying to do is get the point across that if you are going to crack gay Jonas jokes and constantly rag on me, don't even bother calling me a friend. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I Hate

Here's some of the biggest things I hate or get on my nerves...I'm in the mood to vent...
1. Just because I'm in college does not necessarily mean I'm going to drink or party at an opportune moment. I was offered a shot of a strawberry patron margarita the other night and some guy said he was proud of me for turning it down. Inside I hated the fact that so many kids these days go off  to college and at the first invitation to drink or party they soak it in. I've been asked to be a designated driver, I've been asked to take a sip, heck I've been offered alcohol, but I don't want any (not until I'm 21 and at that I'll have maybe a sip). I believe in drinking when you are of age and limit yourself- for instance, I will limit myself to 1, if I even drink all of it when I become of age. 
2. People who stop in the middle of the walkway to talk. Seriously, can you not see the plethora of students coming by and going around you because for your convenience you can't move to the side. No, you have to stand there and talk and talk and talk while people are trying to get to class and are in a rush. Rude.
3. People who try to tell me what to do. I'm on my own for crying out loud. Don't tell me I have to get my homework done or to put my phone up in class (if you aren't the professor, that is). I'm a big girl. I know the rules, and yeah I might break them but it's MY responsibility for my actions. No one deemed you the title of "Sarah's Mom." In fact, my own parents don't know half the stuff I do and guess what: I'm doing just fine. 
...I'm on a roll here...
4. When you come to my room, I don't really care if you sit on my bed, but if you have food, well then that's a no no. I came in the other day and some girl had Chick Fil A on my bed when a stool is right in front of her she could have set it on. I had to walk out. I mean, I guess I could start putting notes everywhere saying NO FOOD ON MY BED. But really, if you don't want us eating on your bed, don't eat on mine. 
5. I hate the awkwardness when a guy and girl are just friends and one likes the other- or the wierd questioning of "does he like me?" Seriously guys, tell a girl you like her. I know there's the fear of rejection and what-not, but still. Buck up and tell her- or just ask her. In my opinion asking would be easier, but that's just me. 
6. I hate shallow guys. You know what I'm talking about- the guys who only look for the girl with the good bod and spill their hearts about "inner beauty." Seriously, if looks didn't matter, I think some people would have some interesting spouses. I'm by no means shallow- I want physical attraction to that person, but for me the #1 thing I look for is the heart. Why get the stunning guy who is full of himself when I could get the sweeter (not as good looking) guy that I could grow old with. I also hate it when guys only go for "hot" girls. If they would lower their standards on physical beauty, they could find a girl in no time. 

So that's all I've got time for...I just needed to vent.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Two Closest Girlfriends

I've been looking at other people's blogs and I must say I'm jealous...especially at how boring mine is...So here's the plan: I'm going to start adding more pictures and make mine more interesting (how's that sound?). This blog is dedicated to a ton of random things..such as friends and what nots..

This is my absolute best friend in the entire world, Tay and me. We grew up in the nursery together and have grown so close over the years. I haven't seen her since 2006, but each day we grow closer and older clinging to the promise that we'll be each other's maid-of-honors. She's taught me a lot about life, love, and relationships and I owe her the world for putting up with my bossiness when we were 4. Ever seen Bride Wars? I'm Liv and she's Emma. 

Amy is one of my truest and bestest friends...she knows pretty much everything about me...not as much as Tay, but she's pretty close to knowing it all. She's full of knowledge and patience. Amy has answers to all my questions and can read me perfectly. If I attended LSU or she attended Tech, we'd pretty much be the best pair of roomies ever. I owe her a million m&ms for getting me through the rough areas in life and answering all my phone calls, no matter what time it is. Amy hears everything I say and backs up her beliefs with scripture, which is what I need to start doing. She's one of the strongest women I know and America needs more women like her. 

So those are basically my 3 best friends. I've watched them all grown closer to Christ- especially since college and the rough areas of life, knowing that no matter what He'll always be there. Tay has taught me that there's always people out there who have it worse than you, and that my parents are cooler than I give them credit for. Whenever we hang out, we stay up all night, making a fort out of the bedsheets, telling stories with a flashback, and recalling old letters. Amy knows the right Bible verses to read to me at all times and it never fails. Her mantra is love always wins, and I've learned that it's true. Amy and I love deep movies and healthy food (yeah, right). Words cannot describe how amazing she is. Finally there's Sloan. He was my prom date senior year and my relationship expert friend...we help each other even though neither of us have really dated. So in closing, these two girls have made me who I am today and have made me a much better person. They know the words to say and advice to give. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding A Church

The first Sunday in April, I was at First Baptist Church in Ruston. I liked the style of worship, I liked the preaching, but what I didn't like was the clicks. I had gone to Sunday School there until January, when I had a lot of homework. Since then I came up with excuses and lame reasons not to go, truth be told it was because I couldn't find anyone I really meshed with and I felt like an odd puzzle piece there. I never found the click, greeting time in church service was somewhat awkward, and I felt God calling me to visit elsewhere. I visited Crossroads and absolutely loved it. I loved the music and the fellowship. There were so many families and older people there who were happy. It was incredible. Even though I cannot make their college group because it meets during 56, I'm satisfied in knowing I've found a new home if I don't find one elsewhere. 
I still plan on visiting around and seeing where I fit in. I don't really like hymns that much or older style- I love it at my grandparent's church though- but the church met my needs. I wanted security and friends and I found all of that. I plan on trying some other churches around here and I'm praying that perhaps the decision will be hard for me to make a decision on my permanent stay. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm horrible at confrontations. Awful I must say. So why is it whenever something really really REALLY irks me I blog or message someone about it? Why am I too scared to politely ask for something to be moved? I don't know...I'm just sick of being in this scared bubble I'm in. It's the same with relationships and whatever. I always beat around the bush instead of straight up asking the person or telling them. I'm a journalism major, people! It's my job to ask you and not be scared or chicken of the response. But this takes me back to elementary school and junior high- the cruel answers (trust me yall, I was a geek) and then the tauntings and I guess that's why I leave the notes and messages and beat around the bush because I'm scared. I let my past scar me and now it's almost as if I can't move forward. But I'm going to try...though it may be difficult, I'm going to try....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rethinking The Kiss

     So everyone who is facebook friends with me knows I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day...until recently. I've got to thinking that perhaps I made that commitment because God knew who I would date come June and save me from kissing him. I never really have been gung-ho about this commitment- I just figured that maybe when I made it some guy would come along and we would get married and share the blessed "true love's kiss." 
     I got to thinking today's times most people use the first kiss as a border between friends and I-want-to-date-you (unless you're naughty and choose to be friends-with-benefits). Sure I like someone now, but maybe it's because I've had this feeling about them I haven't felt for anyone in a long time that perhaps I'm reconsidering this commitment. What if I get that Hollywood kiss? And besides, I got to thinking that when I do get married, I'm not going to know how to kiss....
So here's what I'm thinking....I will keep this commitment if and only if the guy I date has never been kissed (which is very, very, did I say very? rare to find in a guy). If he has been, then I'm game for a smooch. Keep in mind here people that I've only dated one guy for 6 weeks, so I don't just go for anyone, I have high standards....

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Eyes Are Burning!

Oh my...
So I just saw "Fireproof" and I must say it is the best movie I've ever seen (or one of)...and it had me on the edge of my seat with a box of imaginary Kleenex (a.k.a. my blouse). It was beautifully written about how a marriage not centered around Christ will crumble and the importance of remaining loyal to your spouse. I just had to blog as my eyes are blurry from crying so hard...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It invigorates me. It makes me feel like new. Though I hate it while I do it, I can't stop. What is it? Yoga. Though considered as a worship practice in Buddhist countries to find an inner zen, I have learned to appreciate it for what it is: a good stretch and workout. Every Monday and Wednesday at the school gym. there's yoga class. I usually go and come out feeling alive and strengthened. My mom hates the practice and considers it as opening oneself up to whatever, but I find it allows me to worship my maker. Whenever we meditate or I find myself in pain, I pray. I go over scripture in my mind and then I feel better. I repeat Philippians 4:13 all the time, knowing Christ will give me the strength to make it through the difficult pose. The results? I've become more flexible and have better balance since taking the class. I don't sweat as much as I did the first few weeks and I can maintain my focus better. 
I figured I'd write this blog as I sit here watching Gilmore Girls while the kids are asleep. Yes, I'm babysitting again, but this is the last time I will before school gets out (which makes me sad). Anywho so some yoga thing is coming on at 9 and I'm eagerly waiting to get that good stretch. Even though it isn't a 75 minute workout, I know I'll get a good stretch every second of those 30 minutes. And someday, I will be become a yoga master :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to Blog...

For the first time in quite awhile, I've stumbled upon a horrible case of writer's block. Oh no! Well for starters I'm extremely tired. I pulled into my driveway at 4:15 p.m. today and have been running since. My parents took me to eat Mexican tonight after having one of those painful ortho appointments, and then the lady I nanny for called, so I've been watching 3 energetic kids since then. I love babysitting them, though. They are byfar the best kids I have ever watched and never push my buttons on authority. They do what I ask and even though they may not want to take a bath or go to bed, they do it anyway because I asked them to. I want kids like these- kids that study, know their smarts, and love life. Kids that aren't afraid to step into the world and ask questions, and kids that obey. 
So in close to this blog, I pray all the time that I have kids like these because I know that if God blesses me with that, I will have a beautiful family. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Buy the Jeans

That's right, I said it. Put the jeans down and step away. Or at least that's what I was telling myself in Wal Mart this morning as my favorite pair of Merona jeans from Target will most likely be laid to rest soon. The jeans, which I bought 2 years ago and make my legs look great, suddenly had a fatal emergency when the zipper decided not to work properly and have been fixed multiple times- all temporarily. 
Jeans are not an easy find for me. Ever. As a size 12/14 girl with the hourglass figure (or square, you decide) and hips (oh yes, I inherited the Brown hips that don't lie), junior sizes were never made for me. I discovered that in 8th grade when the size 11 jeans I tried on barely wrapped around my hips and the "low-rise" meant "moon-rise" on me. I have quite a few pairs of jeans (okay, 6) and I love them all differently. For instance, we have the fat jeans that I wear whenever you eat a little too much that week (and trust me, it must have been a bad week to down a pint of Ben and Jerry's in 5 minutes), the skinny jeans (worn greatly), the roll-up jeans that are more flattering than when down (unless it's rain-boot day), the I-don't-care-if-these-are-ripped-they're-comfy jeans, the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped-jeans, and alas, hips don't lie jeans (worn particularly with long shirts to hide the emphasis they give my hips). Those are my jeans and I love them for what they are. My Merona jeans fell under the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped category, and I felt graceful in them. They went with anything and made my thighs looks slim (not that I have monstrous thighs, or even tiny thighs, I believe my thighs are average, though I love my legs). 
My friend Heather and I started our diets today though (another reason for not buying the jeans at Wal Mart). Here's what I've had today though (haha not diet-esque at all): Pop Tarts (mmm), Cheese Hot Pocket, and 4 yellow bunny Peeps, not to mention my Venti Non-Fat Sugar-free Hazelnut 3-splenda + Energy latte (divine, I must say). So when I was browsing Wal Mart, looking for a new pair of jeans to replace my old ones (side note: I despise Wal Mart when a Target is in town because they have cooler jeans), I realized  I was buying these jeans as a replacement for my beloved Meronas. How could I cheat on them, when my mom, a wonderful seamstress, could most likely fix them (we're thrifty people and all about saving money)?
So when I picked up 2 size 14 Faded Glory jeans (mind you, Wal-Mart brand and I'm going home next weekend), I think I was so desperate for a replacement when I could not even find something to replace my beloved Merona's. Sure, they had the tummy tuck feature (though I do not carry my weight in my stomach), but I believe it is better just to hold off when I can go to Target and find a beautiful pair of size 14 slightly faded, Merona jeans just like the ones I had (and my legs looked good in my rain-boots when I wore them). 
So here's my goal: to be a size 10 by my 20th birthday (which cannot be accomplished with the magic of Peeps and carbs), however I will start a food diary. However, I have learned to embrace my hips, for all they are. After all, I was told I'll have no problem during child labor, so take that you size 4 slender ladies watching your hip size!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laying Down at His Feet

Last week, I blogged about my stress and how I just gave everything up to God. Well guess what? He blessed me with more than I could ever imagine! I got a roommate who is a strong Christian and is careful not to cross boundaries with her boyfriend (plus she collects knives and has a black belt- or something like that- how cool?), I've been desperate to read my Bible (and I must say it feels ah-mazing), and I've grown much closer to God. I gave up on my own desires and trying to fix things or just giving them half-way to God. In the end I discovered He could give me more than I could EVER have imagined. 
I just hung up with one of my best friends, Amy. She is one of the strongest Christians I know and we talked for an hour about guys and God. We discussed how we like to know the exact details of things and we are such planners, so it's hard for us to submit our worries 100% to God. We discussed how we so badly want to get married and have kids, that we forget to include God in our plans. I told Amy about the guy I like and we laughed like little kids at some things, but I told her that honestly I feel awful for ever reconsidering my commitment to save my first kiss for my wedding day.
Let's be honest here. When we think about the person we like, most think of holding hands, kissing, sweet little dates, blah blah blah. Sure I think about those, but I feel like I'm cheating my prince out of the deal. Looking back at my successful (not) one relationship I've had, I am so glad I didn't give in and kiss him, because I wanted to hold out for my husband, the man of my dreams. Amy asked me what it I think it would feel like when a guy "captured my heart." I told her that I honestly think it's a joy God puts inside of us when that person consumes our life in a healthy way and we just know that no matter what, he's going to love us and care for us- a genuine person. To be honest, most girls want security in a guy and for him just to love and care for her- nothing else. 
So I'm about to peace out and do laundry, but I felt like I haven't given God enough glory for all He has done for me lately. Trust me, life becomes less stressful when you give it all to God, and even if Satan says otherwise, just pray and have faith He'll bring you through. Because He will.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I'm about to have a complete breakdown/meltdown/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I'm tired of people confirming us rooming next year then something happens and plans change. I'm tired of this constant change. I'm tired of waiting around on people to tell me something and plans might change. I wish I could go to the Jonas Brothers concert and had taken and woman up on an offer to buy a ticket from her, but I didn't and now the concert basically sold out. Nothing is available on TicketMaster and everything else is scalped. I'm tired of people not paying attention in Wal Mart and stopping in the middle of the aisle to talk to someone they knew back in the day, holding up everyone else in the city of Ruston, and then 9238439393 minutes later realize, oh there are other people who need to get by. I've completely given the roomie situation to God, and am completely tired of trying to get it on my own. I've just given up all hope and plan on getting my own apartment on-campus, however oh wait there are only 6 of them available. So maybe, just maybe, there will be one for me. And there's the last thing I'm going to just vent on. I'm tired of being the initiator with my best friend. Always always calling her, sending her texts, emails, facebook messages because I want to tell her what is going on. I hate the fact that these people I've met here, who have known me a total of 6 months know more about me than she does now. I know she's busy and I love her to death, but really, make time for your best friend of 19 years. I feel like I've been shoved in the corner of her crazy life and I hate it. She calls at her convenience but never picks up when I call and I know she ignores some of my calls, but really. REALLY. How hard is it to pick up the phone and call?
So last night I had like a 20 minute Bible reading and it was really refreshing, yet I feel like whenever I try to find a roomie on my own I fail. So I'm just trusting God. And I have been told oodles of times to pray about it. My mom told me 5 times in our 10 minute conversation this morning. I think I just need to go home, take a bubble bath, and sip an iced latte slowly while listening to jazz. That will indeed help. Can August 15 please just get here?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So the other night I bought some cookie dough at the grocery store on campus, Bytes (intense name, I know). I got back to the room and made plans to bake cookies the next day. Well last night I felt like making some, so I did, however instead of them coming out all golden brown and beautiful, the edges burnt- and now my roommate cannot stop laughing at me. About 5 minutes ago, I got the 2nd round out of the oven, and this time, we had golden brown goodness. Yes, I just dedicated a blog to my cookies, which tasted delicious.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So since the past few weeks have gained more stress on me, I have turned into a completely different person. I usually welcome people in the dorm room whenever my roommate brings them in, does not mind a friend staying the night, and loves spending time getting to know people. Lately I have misplaced that person. Tonight I have become a grouch, just want things to go my way, and worst of all I have not had my quiet time in weeks. I listen to my worship playlist every day or so, but I have lost that strong connection I had with Christ what seems like ages ago. So here is what my plan is:
1. To have that quiet time beginning tomorrow and try to keep it going every day
2. To get at least my 8 hours of sleep each night, no matter what
3. To do my best at school- I have been a slacker, but the Bible says whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God and not man. It also tells us to do things at our best, as if doing it for the Lord, which I definitely have not been doing.
4. Be more optimistic and become the better person. I also vow not to let stress or my personal issues overcome my usual personality. 
5. I want to become that joyful person I was- the carefree, spontaneous, energetic Sarah instead of the my-way, grouchy, lazy, and selfish Sarah (which I hate). 
That is my goal list. I should add changing the way I eat (tonight I binged for the 5th night in a row), but whenever I say I am going to make that lifestyle change, things change. Maybe I should just say my goal is to eat more (kind of like reverse psychology).
I close this blog apologizing to anyone that has been hurt by this monster lately. I do not know what has gotten hold of me, but I do know that Satan has unfortunately won a battle and has made me into a person I do not like, and I could eventually get even worse. To all my friends: thank you for sticking with me, even when I do not deserve your time, kind words, and interest in my issues, and even more to God, an apology for not spending more time in His word, listening and singing praises to Him, and letting my life determine our time together instead of our time determining my life. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I Used to Be....and What I've Become

I used to be a little girl, full of curiosity and wonder. I used to ask why things happen and why they do the things they do, how things work, and thought my parents were true Einsteins. I had friends who like me observed and wondered at the world. I used to look at the youth, high schoolers, college kids, and adults and could not wait be them someday and have others look at me. I used to watch adults drink coffee in local coffee-shops, read the newspaper, check their e-mail in the morning as they drink freshly brewed coffee, and adults make their own choices. I used to dream of being an adult someday, where the decision making was on my own. Then I grew up.

No longer am I the little girl full of curiosity. The world has taught me it is harsh, uncaring, and unloving, yet it has also shown me true friendships, endless laughter, and inseparable bonds. I now am the adult in the coffee-shop chatting with girlfriends and studying. I now am past the high schooler I once strived to be. Now I am the college kid I once looked up to and thought was so brave, so accomplished only to realize I'm scared to death. I'm terrified to grow up. I'm terrified to become any older, marry the right person, and become the mother I long to be. I have realized every decision I make affects me in a positive or negative way- from getting dinner with friends and spending money or declining to go to a party because I have no desire to drink or to get drunk. I have learned that some guys need attention from girls and when they do not receive that, they go on the deep end, back into their old selves they once buried and dig up that grave. I no longer am below 4 feet with straight brown hair that has curls at the end and a big bow believing the world is happy and everyone cares about you. They don't. But the beauty is when you find those people that care deeply enough to cry with you over the death of someone they do not even know, to laugh with you, and to share those triumphs and joys with you, you learn those people are the ones worth every second of your time. Those are the people who will be with you till the end, and those are the people who when you die will visit your grave, mourn, and miss you, unlike the world who claims it is just another number on the death chart. Those are people that when you find them, they will never leave you. Those are also people called your family, and if you have a great one (like me), they will share every joy, tear, and emotion with you along the way.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So my Jonas obsession has continued...oh yes it has! When I got back to college Tuesday, my friend Lauren and I got our books and school stuff then headed back to her house. When we got there, we watched Ellen and hung out until a bright idea came up...why not see the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Series again? We loved the movie the first time, and wished for the magic again. Lauren and I went to a movie theatre in a larger city about 40 minutes away and bought tickets for Fired Up (why pay $15 when we could pay more than half to sneak in?) and snuck in the show, resulting in two college girls in a theatre alone with the men of our dreams on film in front of us. Being the typical children-at-heart we are, we opted to dance- not in our chairs, oh no, everywhere in that theatre! When the final song, "Burnin' Up" came on, we rose from our seats and jammed, since we knew by then we would not get caught for sneaking in there. 
So back to the point of this story. Jonas announced their upcoming world tour yesterday and they are coming to New Orleans, my hometown! I was ecstatic and texted, called, and facebooked Lauren immediately (sad, yes I know). So Lauren and I have these grand plans of sitting towards the front at the Arena and scream like little girls at this concert. Honestly, I cannot wait to fulfill this new dream of mine, and better yet, the concert is 9 days before my birthday, which is even better since I told my parents that is all I want- nothing else- just my concert ticket to go see Jonas Brothers with my friends. So I'm ending this entry with a magical feeling in my heart like that of an 8-year-old. And the sad thing is, I don't care :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers

So I never was a big Jonas Brothers fan. I always thought they had to be gay, always thought they were messed up or something, and just wierd- I mean they did start on Disney, like Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff. My friend Lauren wanted to go see it and the times I've watched them on Ellen, they were phenomenal, so I thought I would give it a try. 
Can I just say how incredible it was? We drove 35 minutes away from our small college town to the nearest large city to see them, and it was worth the $15 to see them. They were phenomenal..and I fell in love with Kevin Jonas. I never do that, but he is just so good! I would have fallen for Joe, but Lauren is already married to him and talks to them in movies and tv shows like she knows them- it's great. 
But anywho I'm about to head to a coffee shop to study for finals. I just had to share my new romance!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So how would you define love? I once read that love is a decision and a choice, and that everyday you choose to love- but that was with spouses. I believe that, but I also think love is an emotion we are all given by God. He first loved us by creating this world and creating us, and most of all by sending His son to die for us. To me, dying for the one you love is the utmost form. That's how I know my dad loves me unconditionally. When I was a little girl, I asked him how much he loved me and he said he would die for me, and take a bullet for me. At the time I couldn't really comprehend it, but I know my dad would do absolutely everything in his power to die for me. Someday when I marry my prince charming, I hope that he would love me enough to take a bullet for me, be my protector, and come to my beckon call when I'm in need. I also think there's a special bond between fathers and their daughters- a special love. It is said girls base the man they want to marry on how their father treats their mom- I totally agree....I definitely do. My dad has fallen more in love with my mom the older I get, in my opinion. Anyways I have a ton of studying to do...but I felt I should share my feelings of love here...besides, love is all you need. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello World

So I've never done one of these things before...I have both facebook and myspace, where I post things all the time, but I never made a blog...I guess it's good for future practice though because a lot of journalism these days is on blogs and Internet sites...
Well tonight is my last night at home, in my own queen sized bed, eating momma's good cooking, and having a room to myself...Anywho I figured I would at least post a blog since I created one of these things, but I must mom and I are having girls' night and we're watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (: