Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I Hate

Here's some of the biggest things I hate or get on my nerves...I'm in the mood to vent...
1. Just because I'm in college does not necessarily mean I'm going to drink or party at an opportune moment. I was offered a shot of a strawberry patron margarita the other night and some guy said he was proud of me for turning it down. Inside I hated the fact that so many kids these days go off  to college and at the first invitation to drink or party they soak it in. I've been asked to be a designated driver, I've been asked to take a sip, heck I've been offered alcohol, but I don't want any (not until I'm 21 and at that I'll have maybe a sip). I believe in drinking when you are of age and limit yourself- for instance, I will limit myself to 1, if I even drink all of it when I become of age. 
2. People who stop in the middle of the walkway to talk. Seriously, can you not see the plethora of students coming by and going around you because for your convenience you can't move to the side. No, you have to stand there and talk and talk and talk while people are trying to get to class and are in a rush. Rude.
3. People who try to tell me what to do. I'm on my own for crying out loud. Don't tell me I have to get my homework done or to put my phone up in class (if you aren't the professor, that is). I'm a big girl. I know the rules, and yeah I might break them but it's MY responsibility for my actions. No one deemed you the title of "Sarah's Mom." In fact, my own parents don't know half the stuff I do and guess what: I'm doing just fine. 
...I'm on a roll here...
4. When you come to my room, I don't really care if you sit on my bed, but if you have food, well then that's a no no. I came in the other day and some girl had Chick Fil A on my bed when a stool is right in front of her she could have set it on. I had to walk out. I mean, I guess I could start putting notes everywhere saying NO FOOD ON MY BED. But really, if you don't want us eating on your bed, don't eat on mine. 
5. I hate the awkwardness when a guy and girl are just friends and one likes the other- or the wierd questioning of "does he like me?" Seriously guys, tell a girl you like her. I know there's the fear of rejection and what-not, but still. Buck up and tell her- or just ask her. In my opinion asking would be easier, but that's just me. 
6. I hate shallow guys. You know what I'm talking about- the guys who only look for the girl with the good bod and spill their hearts about "inner beauty." Seriously, if looks didn't matter, I think some people would have some interesting spouses. I'm by no means shallow- I want physical attraction to that person, but for me the #1 thing I look for is the heart. Why get the stunning guy who is full of himself when I could get the sweeter (not as good looking) guy that I could grow old with. I also hate it when guys only go for "hot" girls. If they would lower their standards on physical beauty, they could find a girl in no time. 

So that's all I've got time for...I just needed to vent.

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