Monday, October 25, 2010


I finally have a little bit of time to update this thing! I have an 8:00 Spanish class, so I need to leave in five minutes. Yikes!
Okay so I totally wish I had the schedule I did last year. I thought life was so hard as a reporter. I loved the interviews, but it interfered with my social life. This year? I don't know what a social life is. I kind of like that - keeps me on the books, but I miss my friends. I LOVE what I do- attending sporting events, covering stories, getting to know my reporters and writing more about sports- which is my love.
This is a brief look at my week (every week...hardly a change, unless the other sports ed does the layout)
Monday- class, journalism lab for a few hours, Sonic, babysitting, possibly back to the lab, Zumba, bed
Tuesday- lab, class, Sonic, babysitting, staff meeting, Zumba or remain in the lab till late, bed
Wednesday- class, lab for final edits, babysit, Zumba, bed
Thursday- (one day to sleep in), class, Sonic, babysit till about 6, Zumba or a volleyball game, bed
Friday-class then my one and only free day....oh wait, I spend it laying out the next week's page and doing a ton of homework.
Weekends? Football games and homework,
Note: I cram in some time to get homework and studies done throughout the week.
So that's basically my life for now. Nov. 18, I'll get a two week break. Hallelujah.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Change

October has been one of the most stressful months in my life. Tech has take off in the athletic department, and time has not been on my side. I feel like a terrible person for neglecting friends, putting off homework and not spending time with Christ. After all, He is the one who gives me a new day and constantly shows His love for me.
I'm heading home next weekend, and I honestly cannot wait. I'm not a fan of the shampoo and conditioner I have here, so that's one thing I can't wait to change out (lame, I know). My parents came up Sept. 25-26, and I can't wait to watch football with my dad and drive around my hometown. I can't wait to do laundry, eat out with my parents and stay connected with them. I've learned so much about their sacrifices recently, and I'm eternally grateful to have such amazing, loving parents.
I've decided to go through another music change. I get caught on secular music so much, and it seems that I never have time to listen to Christian music that lifts me up and draws me closer to my Creator. So anyways, I'm off to bed. I needed to update my blog and get some stuff off my chest!