Monday, August 15, 2011

Glorieta 2011

Every year, my church college group takes a trip out to New Mexico to join with 2,000 other college students in a Fuge-like camp. I'm always taught something new and refreshing, but I must say I learned the most this year.
This past school year, I made so many wrong decisions. I put my Christian walk on the backburner to do things that pleased me and made me feel content. I drank more than I expected, let others influence me in the wrong way and put God last. I knew some of the choices I made up till last week were wrong, yet I chose to look God in the eyes and say, "no," rather than taking responsibility and not falling under Satan's trap.
Since I've been home, I've apologized to God and others for my actions, found ways to better my walk with Christ and have made positive changes.

A main topic this week was marriage, dating and singleness. I got a ton of positive information on all three aspects and raised my standards with what I look for in a mate. I also was around people who have the exact views on dating as me. I have high standards and don't seek to settle. If I never find someone, I'll be happy knowing I have Jesus (though I really, really, really want someone to spend my life with).

Another thing that I learned to deal with is people's thoughts of me. I learned you can't have the world and Jesus. I let other friends influence me in negative ways, rather than not spending as much time around them and focusing on bettering myself. I realized I have to have people constantly building me up for His glory rather than shooting me down and causing me to stumble. So yeah, I know this sounds judgmental, but frankly, I don't care. Call me what you want - but I don't need people's approval to get through life.
I used to care what people thought of me and hated stepping on toes, but honestly, I don't care anymore.
I can't please everyone, nor should I try. If I lose friends, who cares? I have some of the best, godliest friends anyone could ask for who will be there for me regardless. I don't need the world's approval on things, nor do I care about their opinion on my life.

So, in lieu of my senior year, I'm going in as the Sarah who has her heart set on Boston and pleasing Him rather than others. I know friendships will probably end and I'll feel alone, but all I need is Jesus.