Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Wow..

So at the beginning of summer, I was super bummed to find that I had to go job searching and might not be able to babysit as much....BUT...I witnessed a miracle. After being home for a week doing my own things with my friends, my mom called me thrilled with news. I thought i was out a job at Gilsbar this summer, but I got a raise and I just have to scan and copy documents all day long while listening to Radio Disney (new love) and Kidd Kraddic! It blew my mind. PLUS they agreed to work with my babysitting schedule! Once again I have my own desk, computer, and I hog the copy machine, scanner, and huge cabinets all day by helping them go paperless! The even better thing is I babysit 2 days a week during the day and at least 2 nights during the week! I give my mom half my babysitting money and all my Gilsbar money (after tithing) and it turns out that I've already got 2 complete quarters worth of money saved- she moves over $25/week (I put myself on allowance so I don't overspend it). I was worried that once my scanning part in Finance was over, I'd be out a job, but my boss told me that she has a lot for me to do that they recently found while I was scanning and they need me as long as I'm here! I'm going to Glorieta, and besides that week, I'll be working every possible day I can (minus weekends and babysitting) with extra money because of the raise! Oh I was so excited and I still am! This has totally blown my mind because my mom and I prayed every day that week I could find a job somewhere,  hoping an office job would come up. At the rate I'm going though, I might end up with more than $25/week and can help pay insurance for the year, car payment, or whatever else I can financially help my parents pay for on my part (like school or dorms). 
What makes me even more excited is the down time I also get. On days I babysit, I can come home and relax the rest of the day- or for a few hours then go back and babysit or hang out. On my Gilsbar days, I can come home after work and just relax, or once a week I can hang out with my friend, Katerina. So with having the brand new car and 2 jobs I love, this is the best summer ever and I thank God daily for blessing me this much!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I haven't blogged in a few weeks so here's how my summer is going...AMAZING! I'll put events in the best chronological order I can. At first I was bummed because I only had a babysitting/nanny job a few days a week and needed another form of income. Well the insurance company I've worked at for years contacted me about some scanning (I really do love scanning) and I got a raise PLUS they found a lot of files for me to scan! If that enough was not good news, the day before that I got my first BRAND NEW car! My mom took me test driving Wednesday and then last Thursday we picked it up. I could have had either silver or red. Being chic and laid back, I chose silver just so it wouldn't be a target for the cops...THEN I leave tomorrow night on our voyage to Chicago! We plan on  pulling up at the hotel Sunday night, and even though I hate the drive, I have the Jonas Brothers to keep me company. Oh and about them! I go to their concert on August 15 and my mom is FINALLY becoming a fan! If that isn't good news enough, I'm thinking about working at Radio Disney after college. I LOVE Disney and would LOVE to work for them. Oh and the JoBros are on the cover of most magazines these days, so I'm extra excited about that! Well anywho...that's a wrap...I'll blog soon about Chicago!