Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reasons to Have an Only Child/Why Being the One and Only is Grand

Considering that I myself am an only child and have always babysat children with siblings, I've decided to blog about why having just one child is a blessing (and why I won't be bummed if I only have one), as well as why being an only child is the greatest thing ever:

1. We are not all spoiled. Most of the stuff I have bought the past few years has come out of my pocket. I know a lot about saving my money for things I want. It has never been easy, but instead of getting things because I am the one and only, I have become more thankful. Having one child will save you money if you bestow this discipline upon them

2. You never have the constant, "Mom, Johnny just touched me" or "Mom, Jenny won't leave me alone" or "Mom, Erin said I have a goofy nose." Never. Unless their friends are over. I know alone from babysitting that hearing the constant tattling gets old. Fast.

3. Your child will be convinced you've only had sex once. That's what I tell myself - and that it was a mistake.

4. Having just one kid will allow them to become in-tune with adult conversations. I've always known how to act around adults without another kid badgering me because of this.

5. Your child will ALWAYS know they are the favorite. ALWAYS. Example: my friends always ask their parents if they were held hostage with their siblings, and their parents could have just one child, who would it be? For me, I know that I am the only option.

6. You won't have to fight for love from your parents, nor will there be anyone to compete with.

7. Christmas will be the happiest day of the year. Along with birthdays. You know that every single gift under that tree Christmas morning has your name on it, and you do not have to fight with brother Billy over who got the better gifts.

8. Your parents can spend more money on getting you things you really want.

9. Your child can have imaginary siblings. I had them.

10. Instead of worrying about kids fighting over which movie they want to go see, your kid has their choice (and they won't get in a verbal argument with their sibling).

11. Your sanity levels will remain the same.

12. You never have to worry about them wrestling each other, nor will you have to worry about hatred among siblings boiling in the household.

13. They learn a lot about being alone - in a good way. I never have to be constantly entertained or doing things because I learned how to cope growing up. There are times I just want to be alone for hours, and there are days when I just do not want to see people.

14. You/your child learn a lot about independence.

15. You have the assurance that when your parents go out of town on business that they really talk you up. I apparently am the golden student according to what mine say. Plus, I never have to worry about a sibling's grades being higher than mine.

That's all I've got for now :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Findings

A few months ago, I created my Pinterest account. Since then, it has been extremely helpful in deciding what I want to cook for dinner (whether it's in the slow cooker or on a whim), as well as giving me some amazing cleaning ideas. You can find the link to my Pinterest page here.

My utmost favorite pin was a cleaning solution that consisted of vinegar and lemon. Here is where you'll find the link to the cleaning solution. You have to scroll down half a page. but it is well worth it. I usually use it to clean my floors and bathroom (after I use 409 in the loo) for the refreshing smell and odor absorber. I usually add a few drops of lemon oils to enhance the smell (let's be honest - vinegar isn't the most appealing odor).

I personally did not strain mine, and I did not use just the peels. This go around (I'm currently letting my second solution soak for two weeks), I'm going to attempt to strain and use a different bottle. The prior time, I would just cut a lemon and try to get just the peels, but parts of the lemon were still in it, causing the pump to clog with the pump. Regardless, it's a good cleaner altogether, and you won't be sorry :)

The picture below is of my first attempt. It turned yellow over time. I let the solution soak for two weeks under the sink.

So that concludes this blog! Happy cleaning! :)