Monday, April 30, 2012

First Movie Review

I have never written a movie review, so I decided on a whim (and while avoiding doing homework) to write one. Friday night, I saw "The Five Year Engagement," a movie I was DYING to see. I love the movie Bridesmaids and love spending time with my close girlfriends watching and quoting the hilarious comedy. I figured it would be something along those lines, and the commercials make it look laugh-out-loud funny. I even thought I would cry from laughing so hard (example: "21 Jump Street" <-- HILARIOUS). For those who have seen it, they probably felt like me once the credits rolled, thinking what the heck was this about?

The movie started out precious and sweet. Tom proposed to Violet, and although she ruined the surprise prior to the thought-out proposal (seriously, guys need to take notes on this), it made the couple seem absolutely charming. Violet gets accepted into her dream program at the University of Michigan, and the couple has to move. Out of his love for her, Tom willingly gives up his job as a main chef at a nice restaurant in San Francisco in pursuit of his bride-to-be's dream.

Then the movie goes downhill. Fast.

Throughout their time in Michigan, the couple struggles finding an engagement date, scenes are dragged out beyond the norm and viewers are just ready for them to hurry up and roll the credits. After 90 minutes, I was wondering how much longer I would have to suffer through this. Violet is kissed by her professor, Tom hooks up with a coworker and the couple breaks up. Violet dates the professor, Tom ends up with some young, wild girl that I could hardly stand.

Alas. Violet's birthday comes along, and Tom calls. Realizing they made a mistake, Violet comes to San Francisco over the summer.

Then the movie goes uphill.

After realizing they need to just deal with their personal problems and get married, Violet proposes to Tom. Still carrying the ring in his taco ghettofab truck (aka an old ambulance), Violet rushes them at the park to decide a minister, the type of wedding, color tux he is going to wear and the final details. Before her flight leaves for Michigan so she can begin teaching in the fall, the couple is happily married, and everyone is glad this dragged-out movie is over.

The only question the viewer must ask is, what actually happened? Did she miss her flight, or did he move back?

We will never know.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Recipe

After months and months of attempting (and succeeding) at recipes on Pinterest, I finally have time to post one recipe! This is my absolute FAVORITE to cook, and I frequently make it (as in once a week). The original recipe is called Bucco Di Beppo's Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, however I have made this version to serve just one person. This edition of the recipe does not put the peas in the mix, nor do I add red pepper flakes. I'm from South Louisiana, hence my use of Tony Chachere's. This is what the final product looks like, and you get all of that flavor for just 11 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Bucco Di Beppo's Spicy Chicken Rigatoni 

(as skinnified by Sarah):

-1 c. cooked rigatoni
-1 chicken breast
-1 tsp. vegetable oil
-Some shakes of Tony Chachere's
-1 dash of Kraft Italian Cheese Blend (parmesan, provolone and mozzarella) 
-1/4 c. alfredo sauce
-1/4 c. tomato sauce
-1 tsp. minced garlic
-1 tsp. butter (I use Blue Bonnet Light)

1. Cut up the chicken breast and add some Tony's to it. 
2. In a skillet, add the oil and garlic, then place the chicken in and cook until the meat is fully done. 
3. In a sauce pan, pour the tomato sauce in first, then the alfredo and stir until it becomes thick. Add in the butter and stir until it completely melts. 
4. Put the cooked rigatoni in a bowl, and pour most of the sauce over it. Add the chicken, and using a spatula, pour the remaining sauce over it. Top with the cheese, and enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Spring has finally sprung (well, early down here in Louisiana), but this means baseball season is underway. Since the Sox collapse in September, life hasn't been the same. The first week of baseball was terrible, then right as they give fans hope of overcoming the Stankees, they collapse two games to Tampa Bay and the Rangers.

In other sporting news, the Bruins have done superb in the playoffs. I've discovered Milan Lucic has one heck of an arm when it comes to fights, and Thomas blows my mind with the saves he makes. The Pats have the easiest schedule thus far (hallelujah), and the bounty deal with the Saints is allowing me to get back at those who can't get over the spygate scandal with Belichick. That was how many years ago?

So let's move on to cooking news :)
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Bucca Di Beppo's Spicy Chicken Rigatoni. I cut out a lot of the oil, made the recipe just for one and did not add the peas. There were some other changes I made to the recipe (like subbing red pepper flakes for Tony Chachere's), but it came out really, really well.
I'll blog the recipe next time :)