Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney Has My Heart

So I thought I'd share some things real quick:
1. Jonas Brothers are returning to New Orleans at 7 p.m. on December 14 at the New Orleans Arena...I'm considering cutting class to go...seriously.
2. I've had a recent obsession for listening to Hannah Montana. Strange? Yes.
3. I think a 12-year-old has taken over my body and has also given me the hyperness of her friends.

That's all, folks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pet Peeves

We all have our pet peeves, so I thought I'd share and explain a few of mine...actually, there are several:
1. Talking on the phone and driving. I do it as well, but when you are going 65 in a 70 mph zone, in the fast lane, GET IN THE RIGHT LANE AND DRIVE.
2. Awkward people. I hate being around the most awkward person on the planet who is either really sketchy or quiet and when you go to talk to them they give one-word answers. My gosh, go hide in a corner or something!
3. Bad hair. Though my hair tends to fro when it's humid out, I have my best friend- a hairtie- to pull my hair back and still make me look presentable. Heck, I just wear it curly if I know it'll be humid. Oh and a blow dryer alone won't straighten your hair, people! Unless it's already naturally straight...
4. There are two sides of the side-walk. TWO. Use them. One side for going and one side for coming. And if you're city-dumb, the right side is for people walking ahead and the left is for people walking towards you. It's not a hard concept.

Ok, I think I'm good now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Cow Cheese

You know the Happy Cow commercial? It's the story of my life. If you haven't seen it, the commercial always opens up with this woman telling some story in her life then laughing it off with the cheese that has 35 calories per pouch and like 1 gram of fat. It's supposedly like miracle cheese. Anywho, I feel like most of my life is like that. I always have a story behind everything. Always. And I love sharing and hearing stories- they're the heartbeat of my life. So here's my Laughing Cow story of the day. I left Soul Food with my friend Leslie cause I needed another cup of coffee today. As we were pulling off, the barista man was like flinging his arms in the air. I left my $50 giftcard behind and threw my car in reverse- very careful not to scratch Maybelline, four-month-0ld Corolla. Well the guy was dying laughing and was like, "uh ma'am, you forgot your receipt."
Story of my life.
And today I discovered I can not go to some grand event without having some form of distraction to others. This guy came and spoke at our school and as everyone is dead quiet and they're recording this, my phone dropped. Not a slight like BAM where everyone in the auditorium could hear it.
So prepared for more cheeseball stories as I get this migraine the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro. And why is it that massive? I forgot to drink my cup of coffee this morning. So here I am, drinking my iced coffee and listening to Enya all while I blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Pre-K Teacher

From the three-year-olds through eighth grade, I attended a small Baptist school in Metairie (we locals prounonced it Metry). I remember when I was in the four-year-olds, I had the coolest preschool teacher. No lie, she was off the charts on fun. After we moved from the south-shore to the north-shore (only difference: elevation above sea level and population), we lost contact. And then came Facebook.
On February 17, 2008 (pathetic I know the date, I know), I created my beautiful Facebook page and instantly reconnected with old friends. Well Facebook has this lovely (at the same time annoying) thing called, "People You May Know." Oh man, I made some good friends on that. And what's even better is when you're stalking someone and you see an old friend/teacher/whatever comment on it. And there she was, my four-year-old teacher, Mrs. Dotsie. The woman was GREAT with kids.
She took us on dinosaur hunts (okay, so they hid chicken bones, but still we're four, we don't know) and to the zoo, aquarium and other places around New Orleans. I still have this ornament she gave me in her class of a guy and girl nutcracker and you pull the string and his legs and arms move. Seriously, it's incredible.
You know how everyone has that one teacher they will absolutely never forget? Though I have several, Mrs. Dotsie is the number one. Oh and she taught me how to share by using this T-Rex thing and goldfish and she went to us and asked us if she could have one. She did some cool voice that eventually made us share them. My favorite memory: thinking caps were shower caps we'd put on our heads as we sat in a circle to brainstorm.
Mrs. Dotsie, you are the BOMB!

More On Sleep...

Don't you hate those nights when you have to fall asleep and have these grand plans to go to sleep, but they fail? Welcome to my life tonight. It was 9:56 when I texted my friend goodnight since I have a busy week and have got to catch up on sleep. 9:56, keep that in mind. Well I kept tossing and turning, and somewhere around 11, I fell asleep. Only for an hour. I am a woman who needs my sleep, otherwise I am a cranky person you do not want to be around, and I'm the absolute worst when I lack in sleep AND I don't have my coffee. I gave up around 12:30 and decided to blog. So here I am. I wrote a little note to Insomnia about my love for Sleep (my knight in shining armor). I also have really bad indigestion from this shrimp stir fry I bought. I think I downed it too fast. Here's another thing...I have never had indigestion until tonight. It's one of those things I kind of wanted to have just to experience what it would be like, but I realized it is awful and could jump off a bridge for wanting that. But I won't jump. Don't worry. I'm not that crazy when I lack in sleep. I believe the tossing and turning was from the indigestion, and I have tried curing it by chewing at least 5 Tums, downing 2 tablespoons of Pepto (or the Wal Mart version of it) and taking some NyQuil. I really hope that's not a drug overload...
And now I believe I am going to try to fall back asleep...goodnight all!


Dear Insomniac,
While I currently have a great relationship with Sleep, I'd like him back. For once. You have over a billion other people to intrude on, and you pick me. Oh how lucky am I....not! So I'm begging you, please leave me and Sleep alone. Our relationship was perfect before you intruded. And not even Sleep's best friend, NyQuil could help. Anyways, I am going back to find Sleep and try to win him back, since you apparently are not helping.

Never To Be Yours,

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was putting on my moisturizer this morning when I had a flashback. When I was little, my mom would teach me how to do simple things like laundry (I wanted to learn so bad that by the age of 10 I was doing my own), fixing hair and applying lotion. My mom loves whenever I'll put lotion on her legs. Strange, yes, but every night whenever my dad gets home and the kitchen is cleaned from dinner, my parents sit on the couch and my dad rubs my mom's feet. I think it's so romantic and a huge form of love. My dad has a long and stressful job, but he cannot wait to do a simple thing for my mom.
I remember the first time my mom showed me how to put lotion on. Her back was dry and she needed some but couldn't reach. I don't even remember how old I was, but I was probably between kindergarten and third grade. She put a drop on my leg and hers and told me to rub it until it becomes invisible. I thought it was so cool.
So this morning as I was putting moisturizer on (which will be followed by foundation and the rest of the makeup ritual), I remembered that moment in my life. And I thought I'd share it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Good To Be Back

So I'm back at Tech now..and let me just say it has been a roller coaster since! It is so nice to be back with all my friends, plus tonight Tech stomped on Nicholls 48-13. It was pretty awesome. And I was stuck next to a drunk as it was pretty great I guess. But anyways I must say this year has been incredible byfar. I have a great roommate, incredible new and old friends and I can burn candles (cheesy I know)...but it makes me so happy to be able to make a room smell good and feel warm. So anywho, my bed and some food calls. Just thought I'd blog about uh this year.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fresh Start

Last Friday I moved up to Ruston, and let me just say, I was more than ready for this move. I love my parents truly and dearly, but I was ready to get away and be with my friends- and thank God we all made it safe! I'm not going to lie- my apartment is awesome, I have an incredible and understanding roommate, and I'm so ready for God to move in my life even more than He did last year. I've been stressing a lot lately over Tech Talk- the school paper, and I've gotten the cold/allergy junk...not fun. Another downfall has been my spiritual walk. I went through a lot of highs and lows this summer with God and now I'm at a low. And I know when I'm at a low because that is when the devil works in me not to be myself. I have not made bad choices or gone off the deep end, but I know I will if I don't get back into my routine of a quiet time and such. So I'm sipping some nighttime herbal tea and blogging while listening to Phil Wickham, all in hopes of motivating myself to finish my Housing story (which will rock, by the way). I have realized the past few days that I have got to step up my spiritual walk because the devil is trying his best to put things in my way where I cannot have my quiet time, and I cannot let that happen. Tonight we had an event called Fusion and the worship was incredible (mostly Phil Wickham songs). I got a lot out of it and it was such a refreshing time for me to get with God. I'm just hoping I make the right choices this year and surround myself with good influences. I was in the Tech Talk lab, and let me tell you, that is a mission field in itself. Most of the students in there were talking about getting drunk on NyQuil and overdosing on medication along with drinking. Honestly, they are missing something in their life to do that and I left there knowing I'm going to have to be bold this year.
I've gone off on a tangent far too long here, so I am off to finish 10 lines of my Tech Talk story then sleep, go to class, and do an interview/write a story tomorrow...and I'm just praying for the strength to get me through...