Monday, September 21, 2009

My Pre-K Teacher

From the three-year-olds through eighth grade, I attended a small Baptist school in Metairie (we locals prounonced it Metry). I remember when I was in the four-year-olds, I had the coolest preschool teacher. No lie, she was off the charts on fun. After we moved from the south-shore to the north-shore (only difference: elevation above sea level and population), we lost contact. And then came Facebook.
On February 17, 2008 (pathetic I know the date, I know), I created my beautiful Facebook page and instantly reconnected with old friends. Well Facebook has this lovely (at the same time annoying) thing called, "People You May Know." Oh man, I made some good friends on that. And what's even better is when you're stalking someone and you see an old friend/teacher/whatever comment on it. And there she was, my four-year-old teacher, Mrs. Dotsie. The woman was GREAT with kids.
She took us on dinosaur hunts (okay, so they hid chicken bones, but still we're four, we don't know) and to the zoo, aquarium and other places around New Orleans. I still have this ornament she gave me in her class of a guy and girl nutcracker and you pull the string and his legs and arms move. Seriously, it's incredible.
You know how everyone has that one teacher they will absolutely never forget? Though I have several, Mrs. Dotsie is the number one. Oh and she taught me how to share by using this T-Rex thing and goldfish and she went to us and asked us if she could have one. She did some cool voice that eventually made us share them. My favorite memory: thinking caps were shower caps we'd put on our heads as we sat in a circle to brainstorm.
Mrs. Dotsie, you are the BOMB!

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