Monday, August 30, 2010


I got off work today and immediately popped in The Devil Wears Prada, as I started my journey of organizing my room. So much got chunked, and it's allllllllll clean now! Most of my stuff is all packed for school, and I drive up Thursday to unload everything! Yayyyy! Just thought I'd blog on how I FINALLY got it all clean and pretty!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay so I have gone beyond my budget this week at Marshall's. It's bad.
I've been there every day since Thursday, and I'm putting a stop to it! Though the anti-aging cream is working, and Calm by Rusk is phenomenal (gave my locks a Hollywood look today), my money is draining rather fast. I went there this evening on a mission to find a black cardigan. Simple, chic, goes with everything (well, almost). An hour later, I'm checking out two shirts priced at $7 each (a BCBG $140 top, mind you), straightening serum and Amazing Grace by Philosophy firming lotion. Heaven in a bottle is its new nickname from me.
I also have to stop wasting time in Target. While I had a productive morning there- $6 black pumps and $8 metallic ballet flats with flowers on the toe, it's draining my wallet as well. I usually go there on my days off, enjoy my iced coffee and stroll around the store. The clearance cosmetics and clothes are killing me! I did come out with some useful things- makeup sponges and a makeup organizer (well, I made it that). While strolling through the organizing section, I came across a small caddy with three drawers. BOOM! Makeup sorter. I got soooo excited. I sorted my makeup by face (moisturizer, foundation, powder), blush/eyeshadow and mascara/eyeliner/eye products/eyelash curler. It looks BEAUTIFUL without an eyesore. I also went through the clothes I'm bringing back to school with me and took out a chunk of them. I just don't wear them anymore, so why keep them? Well it was that or I just knew I wouldn't wear it.
I'm about to put some lotion on my feet and hit the sack (church then nannying tomorrow). The only reason I lie awake is because the house needed some picking up. The floors are mopped, wood floors clean and I'm about to tackle the bathrooms. Tomorrow night I'll focus on my room, as I prepare to load more stuff to bring up with me Wednesday (coming home Thursday then moving Labor Day).
Anywho, I am off to clean down the bathrooms and knock out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Me

After turning 21 on Tuesday, I decided to make some major changes in my life. While some are rather small, it's time for a grown-up Sarah. This does NOT mean I gave up the Jonas Brothers. Considering two are older than I am, it's still healthy.
Here's the list:
1. My hair has not gotten the treatment it deserves from me. While most people can use $3 shampoos and conditioners, there's two stores out there called Marshalls and TJ Maxx that sell salon products for less. I bought Just Brunette (a UK salon line) shampoo and conditioner, and my hair is already smoother than my Pantene Pro V. Guess how much I paid for 1 liter each? Eight buckos. That's right. I went back today and bought Broaer shampoo/conditioner liters that were $15 for the set. Did I mention I got a Rusk calming cream that rinses out for $3? Here's to Sarah's new pretty locks.
2. I'm going to start using anti-aging cream. I know I'm 21 and look a few years older than I am, after being mistaken for 30 a few times this summer, and for being a parent yesterday, it's time for the cream. I found this $6 cream at Marshalls (originally $18) that will soon give me firmer skin. 
3, My skin needs better treatment and has gotten more oily over the years. I found a Kiehl's mask at EarthSavers for $6 (clearance) and Robanda facial cleansing lotion at, you guessed it, Marshalls. 
3. I have always thought pedicures look really professional. About every six weeks in the summer, I treat myself to one. It keeps my feet looking fresh, and it's relaxing. I usually go to the cheap salons, but to maintain my pedicure, I'm starting to keep lotion on my feet at night. Did you know it's illegal for them to razor your feet? They don't clean them (usually- they always do at the one I go to), and they make your feet callus up more. My heels have the tendency to crack and bleed, so this is a major necessity.
4. I'm turning into a tightwad. I know I just said I was getting pedicures, but that's $25 every 6 weeks (if that often), AND I'm cutting back on when I go out to eat. Last year I noticed a major change in my weight when I bought and cooked my meals rather than processed foods. Michelina's $1 dinners are cheap, but if you can make meals for about $20/week, you'll feel better. Who knows what they put in that stuff. 
5. I'm going to push myself to study more. Last year I really slacked off, and this year I have got to be on my game. No more dinners and friend times if I have a test the next day.
6. I have got to stay more organized. In June, I chunked half of my summer wardrobe. I refuse to really buy anything else until I drop more weight- I've lost 11, so I have about 54 to go. 
7. Once school starts back up, I'm going to do physical activity- Zumba, spin, elliptical, whatever- for almost an hour/day. Statistics say students who do that have a GPA .4 higher than those who don't. Maybe I'll look younger, too. 
8. I'm going to try to have all my clothes basically hanging off of me so I can get a new wardrobe. This new wardrobe will have finer pieces of clothing as well as about half of what I own now. 
9. I bought a devotional book, and though it's weekly, I really try to keep up with it and focus on the main point of the story daily. I also stopped reading most worldly novels. They just aren't good for my spiritual walk. 
10. I'm going to purge most of my old shampoos from hotels. How? Bubble baths. Hotel shampoos give the BEST bubble baths. Just saying.

That's a wrap of most of my spiel, but I feel like I got a lot off my chest of what needs to get done! I have to nanny super late tonight, but I'm sure I'll be blogging tomorrow.
Before I forget:
11. I have got to get at least 8 hours of sleep/night. If I fall below it, I'll make it up the next day. I'm a much happier person when I wake up refreshed by sleep and Starbucks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I have not seen the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love," and I have read just a chapter of the book. Based on the spoilers I read (yes, I read ahead to see if I'd actually finish the book in time to go see the movie),  I'm about to go off on my conclusion.
Scenario: happily married woman in her dream New York house with a great husband. Sounds like something we all want, right? Not this main character. Oh no, she is selfish enough to want her desires fulfilled and divorces her charming husband who bought the house so they could start a family. It goes on from there. She has an affair THEN divorces him. First off, as a Christian woman who just wants to find a Mr. Right that I can love and be with till death, I have a major problem with this movie. The Bible doesn't tell women to just up and leave your husband for your internal happiness. If you thought you'd be miserable, why did you get married in the first place? I also find it horribly self-absorbing. "I'm not happy with the fact that I have my ideal life, so I'm going to call it quits and go all over the world to discover other countries with my girlfriends and sail off in the sunset with a man named Felipe that I'll eventually marry and leave because I'm not satisfied with my life." <- main thing I got from the story.
I know I'm coming down rather hard on the movie and book, and granted, I haven't finished reading the book (nor do I really care to anyways since looking at spoilers), but I need some amens here.
When you get married, you are giving yourself to that other person. You're saying you love them enough to do what they want and vice versa. You serve each other and spend time together. You're supposed to fall more in love as the marriage progresses, raise children together, dress Sally and Billy for church and go on family picnics. You're supposed to buy them frou frou clothing and take Billy to baseball practice while Sally goes to dance lessons. As the kids get older, you take them to school and make them cute lunches with sweet notes inside. You drop them a block away from school when they're embarassed in their early teenage years. You stay up for them while they go out with friends- or you have date night with your spouse. It's not all-about-me anymore. It's about "us."
I don't know if I'll be able to finish the book simply because it breaks my heart to read a story of a woman who leaves her spouse to find her inner desires and self with her friends, when one of her friends is opposed to the divorce. Heck, her husband begs her not to do this!
Okay so I'm getting off my soap box. I felt strongly opposed to this movie, and maybe I will finish the book and like it. When I get married, I plan to only do it once to a godly guy who puts Christ first in everything.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I babysat till 2 am, so I'm about to hit the sack for a few hours. I'm also not in the best of moods at this time due to exhaustion, but once I get some shut eye, it'll be all good :)
As I'm loading Glorieta pics to Facebook, I think I need to blog and explain some. So here we go!
This first pic is the winding staircase at the Loretto Chapel. It's beautiful!
This is the Pecos River. We spent some time out there Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as we embraced the cold yet fresh water. Going to the Pecos is my absolute favorite thing to do during Glorieta.

This would be the road by the Pecos River. LOVE it!

Anywho, I'm off to naptime, but i thought I should load some New Mexico pics. More to come...PROMISE!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This past week I was in a beautiful city called Glorieta. Located in the mountains by Santa Fe, Glorieta has been my favorite camp EVER these past three years. This year I really felt God's presence, even moreso my first year. It was then I felt God telling me to end the relationship with the guy I was dating. I felt Him tell me He had someone way better in mind; someone in Boston. I followed through and ended it. I'm totally happy single and wish him the best. Last year I didn't feel any specific callings, but little did I know what was in store.
I've felt mega called to Boston this past week. Everything fit. The first night I prayed God would show me a way, and boy did He ever! I saw a girl with a Boston sweatshirt and Red Sox hats. Throughout the week, I saw tons and tons of Red Sox apparel and even a shirt that said "pray for boston." I glanced up and saw it then immediately said, "Okay, God, I get it now...I'll go!" Well getting up there is the hard part, and I started worrying about it. Yesterday I was eating lunch and someone announced there was a guy from Boston looking for missionaries and people interested up there. The previous night I had a strong tug on my heart that God was calling me for missions, and this was another door that opened. I swear these people dropped from heaven and appeared right in front of me. I was totally blown away and have held back tears all week. God's really shown Himself to me in ways more than I could imagine. For so long I've run on my own and have done my own thing as if I was telling God, "I know You have these plans for me and rules, but I'm going to test on my own and come up with my own reasonings, even if they don't exactly line up with Yours."
How wrong was I? I was basically telling God I had things on my own and I could handle it, when honestly I was digging myself in a pit. I felt this whole Boston thing is like a rope thrown down and lured me out. The Boston guy was probably the best thing that could happen this week. He told me about how much he loved New England and how there was a need for missionaries there. I'm not one to jump out at people or preach, but I would absolutely love to lead someone to Christ out of the blue. I make friends with everyone, so I was picturing myself ordering a latte at Starbucks and sharing my faith with the atheist next to me - or even the person in line at Walmart. If you know me, you know I get everyone's life stories. It's the absolute truth, I've made the most friends at Walmart and the airport than you could imagine.
Anyways, I had to blog about this past week. There's so much more I'll type later, but as of right now my clothes just got done in the dryer, and my final load of laundry is done (I'm a laundry geek who LOVES having a fresh hot pair of pjs or bedsheets...and I love to iron).