Saturday, August 14, 2010


This past week I was in a beautiful city called Glorieta. Located in the mountains by Santa Fe, Glorieta has been my favorite camp EVER these past three years. This year I really felt God's presence, even moreso my first year. It was then I felt God telling me to end the relationship with the guy I was dating. I felt Him tell me He had someone way better in mind; someone in Boston. I followed through and ended it. I'm totally happy single and wish him the best. Last year I didn't feel any specific callings, but little did I know what was in store.
I've felt mega called to Boston this past week. Everything fit. The first night I prayed God would show me a way, and boy did He ever! I saw a girl with a Boston sweatshirt and Red Sox hats. Throughout the week, I saw tons and tons of Red Sox apparel and even a shirt that said "pray for boston." I glanced up and saw it then immediately said, "Okay, God, I get it now...I'll go!" Well getting up there is the hard part, and I started worrying about it. Yesterday I was eating lunch and someone announced there was a guy from Boston looking for missionaries and people interested up there. The previous night I had a strong tug on my heart that God was calling me for missions, and this was another door that opened. I swear these people dropped from heaven and appeared right in front of me. I was totally blown away and have held back tears all week. God's really shown Himself to me in ways more than I could imagine. For so long I've run on my own and have done my own thing as if I was telling God, "I know You have these plans for me and rules, but I'm going to test on my own and come up with my own reasonings, even if they don't exactly line up with Yours."
How wrong was I? I was basically telling God I had things on my own and I could handle it, when honestly I was digging myself in a pit. I felt this whole Boston thing is like a rope thrown down and lured me out. The Boston guy was probably the best thing that could happen this week. He told me about how much he loved New England and how there was a need for missionaries there. I'm not one to jump out at people or preach, but I would absolutely love to lead someone to Christ out of the blue. I make friends with everyone, so I was picturing myself ordering a latte at Starbucks and sharing my faith with the atheist next to me - or even the person in line at Walmart. If you know me, you know I get everyone's life stories. It's the absolute truth, I've made the most friends at Walmart and the airport than you could imagine.
Anyways, I had to blog about this past week. There's so much more I'll type later, but as of right now my clothes just got done in the dryer, and my final load of laundry is done (I'm a laundry geek who LOVES having a fresh hot pair of pjs or bedsheets...and I love to iron).

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