Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay so I have gone beyond my budget this week at Marshall's. It's bad.
I've been there every day since Thursday, and I'm putting a stop to it! Though the anti-aging cream is working, and Calm by Rusk is phenomenal (gave my locks a Hollywood look today), my money is draining rather fast. I went there this evening on a mission to find a black cardigan. Simple, chic, goes with everything (well, almost). An hour later, I'm checking out two shirts priced at $7 each (a BCBG $140 top, mind you), straightening serum and Amazing Grace by Philosophy firming lotion. Heaven in a bottle is its new nickname from me.
I also have to stop wasting time in Target. While I had a productive morning there- $6 black pumps and $8 metallic ballet flats with flowers on the toe, it's draining my wallet as well. I usually go there on my days off, enjoy my iced coffee and stroll around the store. The clearance cosmetics and clothes are killing me! I did come out with some useful things- makeup sponges and a makeup organizer (well, I made it that). While strolling through the organizing section, I came across a small caddy with three drawers. BOOM! Makeup sorter. I got soooo excited. I sorted my makeup by face (moisturizer, foundation, powder), blush/eyeshadow and mascara/eyeliner/eye products/eyelash curler. It looks BEAUTIFUL without an eyesore. I also went through the clothes I'm bringing back to school with me and took out a chunk of them. I just don't wear them anymore, so why keep them? Well it was that or I just knew I wouldn't wear it.
I'm about to put some lotion on my feet and hit the sack (church then nannying tomorrow). The only reason I lie awake is because the house needed some picking up. The floors are mopped, wood floors clean and I'm about to tackle the bathrooms. Tomorrow night I'll focus on my room, as I prepare to load more stuff to bring up with me Wednesday (coming home Thursday then moving Labor Day).
Anywho, I am off to clean down the bathrooms and knock out!

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