Monday, October 10, 2011

What Makes Love True

As an avid Tiffany & Co. fan, it's no surprise I have their apps on my iPhone and receive daily emails. Something as of late has caught my eye recently, though. They came out with a new campaign all about true love. It's filled with people's individual love stories and how they came to be.
Considering I've never been in love or anywhere near it, I'm always a slight skeptic as to what the definition of love is. I know when that right person comes along, I'll know. Until then, I'll have tear-stained cheeks from these sweet stories of old childhood sweethearts reconnected and people who never thought would fall in love that do.
Until I move to Boston and get established, I'm closed to finding love. And as crazy as that sounds, I have much self-improvement to be done.

Friday night, I saw What's Your Number. According to a lot of people I know who wouldn't see the movie, they would claim it's one of those trashy films that's all about sex and is garbage. Within the first five minutes of the movie, I knew it was set in Boston. And here's a spoiler - in the end, Annie chooses to stay in Boston over this mega loaded guy. Granted, there was another hot guy in the picture for her to go to, but the fact is she chose the city she loved. And what was it? Boston.
Though I graduate in May, I constantly worry about just getting there. If I opt not to go to grad school, my latest prayer is I can land a job that'll allow means for me to get up there, be able to live on something more than peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly).

Anyways, that's my Boston rant for the day. Thanks for reading :)