Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is the first Saturday in a LONG time where I have absolutely nothing to do. I was supposed to cover a tennis match, but after waiting 5 minutes and seeing nothing but old men coming up, I high tailed it to Starbucks. It's a beautiful day outside, though. I'm fixing to run to Wal Mart with my roomie and then probably come back to my apartment, eat some soup and finish Message in a Bottle. I'm on a new goal- read one novel/week. It's going to be hard, but I believe that reading more literature helps your speech and writing skills. Since I am a journalist, proper grammar is key.
I also need to clean my room...I scrubbed it down yesterday, but stuff is everywhere. Oy.
So yesterday on my way to class, I was thinking about the Christian vs. worldly path. When I was young, I was taught in school that the way of the world is a large and beautiful path, but the Christian path is short and winding. It made sense to me on my way to class. When I got out of my car, I chose to go the path full of pine straw, pine cones and more difficult to walk on. I could have gone the gravel path that led to a nice walkway to the sidewalk. Instead, I chose the sidewalk.
I guess that's how life can be at times. We want to go the tougher path because it's a shortcut when at times it can cut us, break us down. The longer path that's more safe doesn't appeal to us because it takes longer.
I do say that vice-versa to Christianity. The Christian path is in fact much longer and harder. I recall reading Pilgrim's Progress in third grade, terrified. All of these monsters came up out of nowhere and tempted Christian- the pilgrim, but he held true and at the end, he got eternal life.
Last night I dreamt that the world ended. It was a beautiful dream. It started off with hail coming down. My awesome editor last quarter, Angela, was reading from Revelation as we were wondering what was occurring. I dreamt I was raptured for a second then came back- totally weird, but it was cool. After the hail came down, fire started falling from the skies. It never burnt anything since it was raining outside, but it looked like fireflies and meteors. The dream itself was incredible. I know that no matter what, God has His hand on us, so why worry about the world ending? I have friends and a life I love. What more could I need?
Oh and the dream ended with my friends and me going to Six Flags in Dallas. And then we were raptured, living with Jesus forever.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Once Again Procrastinating

So I have the tabs open on my Safari for the info I need to do my journalism final, but I have no motivation. My 10.5 page Lady Gaga paper wore me out! NOT GOOD! And I'm doing laundry. I have this grand plan of completing the final, cleaning under my bed, refolding clothes then studying English all before The Bachelor, but I fear that won't happen. On the plus side, KissFM has commercial-free Monday, so it makes the day slightly better. And this is the best rainy day EVER. Here's why
1. I backed out of my phenomenal parking spot and got a good one by Keeney
2. My meds came in the mail...woo!
3. I turned in my Gaga paper and got my English notebook so I can officially study
4. I go home tomorrow!
5. The Student Center had BUBBLEGUM icees! SCORE!
6. I got my MySpace all updated...well most of it
7. I have the made the attempt to get my paper started
8. My bedsheets are ironed and clean
9. The bathroom is spotless
10. MY PARKING SPOT WAS THERE WHEN I GOT BACK!--I did a ton of praying for that! Hallelujah!

SO anywho I am going to finish my bottle of Dasani, drink my brewed coffee and fold my clean towels and washcloths...ahhhhh relaxation :)
All after my final is written, duh.