Monday, March 1, 2010

Once Again Procrastinating

So I have the tabs open on my Safari for the info I need to do my journalism final, but I have no motivation. My 10.5 page Lady Gaga paper wore me out! NOT GOOD! And I'm doing laundry. I have this grand plan of completing the final, cleaning under my bed, refolding clothes then studying English all before The Bachelor, but I fear that won't happen. On the plus side, KissFM has commercial-free Monday, so it makes the day slightly better. And this is the best rainy day EVER. Here's why
1. I backed out of my phenomenal parking spot and got a good one by Keeney
2. My meds came in the mail...woo!
3. I turned in my Gaga paper and got my English notebook so I can officially study
4. I go home tomorrow!
5. The Student Center had BUBBLEGUM icees! SCORE!
6. I got my MySpace all updated...well most of it
7. I have the made the attempt to get my paper started
8. My bedsheets are ironed and clean
9. The bathroom is spotless
10. MY PARKING SPOT WAS THERE WHEN I GOT BACK!--I did a ton of praying for that! Hallelujah!

SO anywho I am going to finish my bottle of Dasani, drink my brewed coffee and fold my clean towels and washcloths...ahhhhh relaxation :)
All after my final is written, duh.

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