Monday, August 31, 2009

Boo Thyroids

If you know me and have been around me long enough, you probably know I get cold very easily. For instance, we keep our thermostat on 78 and even though I have the fan constantly going, I'm freezing in my room. So I went to the endocrinologist today for my checkup on my hypothyroidism and now we believe I have anemia. Why I'm telling the blogging world this, I have no idea...but I figured I'd just spill since I have the worst internal lie. Lately I have been drinking gobs and gobs of water, I'm always thirsty and wanting to eat. So I went to Web MD's site and I have either anemia or diabetes. Do I want either? No way. But this is the positive that I'll see through either...diabetes: better healthy lifestyle, potentially curable (if I'm type 2 and can lose the weight down), and I can go out and buy all of Nick Jonas' Bayer stuff. And here's the uplifting stuff for anemia: I get to eat more green beans (MY FAVORITE FOOD), I get to boost my iron levels, and my blood pressure will remain the same since I generally run low. I try not to focus on the negative things like shots and pricking and the testing, but I also know that whatever it is that I have and for whatever reason I've experienced these symptoms, something good will come out of it. I know that I've both lost and gained weight this summer and I know that I'll never be a size 2, but my goal this school year is just to be healthy and improve my thyroid levels and whatever else I may have.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost 20...what?

So my 20th birthday is on Monday, and let me just say, I had the best gift...ever (for me at least)!! On August 15, I went to the New Orleans Arena with a fellow Jonas fan and we sat 9th row, soaking up the Jonas madness- and the foam. Kevin (my favorite) and I made eye contact 11 times..that's right, 11! I lost my voice for a day, had ears still screeching on Tuesday from the screaming girls, and paid way too much for a ticket, but every dime and symptoms of a Jonas concert were well worth it! I had to get limewire twice this week just to get exclusive Jonas songs I can't find on don't get was strictly out of desperation for my men! And I've been so busy with work and babysitting and squeezing in friend time that I haven't blogged! I highly recommend Nick's debut cd that came out in's self-titled Nicholas Jonas and is the best thing! He's so spiritual and good, even though he was what, 12? He hasn't hit puberty yet, but it's still incredible! And lately I've grown addicted to dresses. It all started with a black dress the lady I babysit for gave me. Then I realized guys like girls with dresses, so I bought a green jersey one at Target...and then I bought 2 at Macy's the other day..and the addiction keeps growing! Ah! So anywho I have to go order Nick's dog tag then go to sleep since I have to get up early tomorrow for getting my blood tested (I have thyroid disease so it gets tested every 3-6 months) and shopping with my momma...but I leave you with a Jonas pic :)
This was during When You Look Me In The Eyes
And yes, clutzy Joe is on the piano...
We prayed he wouldn't fall!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh I've Been Blessed

I'm babysitting right now, but everyone's asleep, so I'm going to blog. Oh and I'm watching a Cubs game...oh yeah. So anyways I leave Monday to go to Glorieta and I'm super pumped. The mountains and scenery is just beautiful and it's a great spiritual awakening...and some of my closest friends are going. I discovered last night that no matter what I do, my parents will always love me. My mom and I got in a huge fight and I was very emotional- and most of the fight was just me being a teenager (thank GOD that's almost over!) and from my lack of sleep. Had I had received a lot of sleep this past week, I think we would not have gotten in an argument and frankly I can't even remember what the main thing was that started the domino effect. All I know is my mom came in my room and checked on me and tried to talk to me twice and constantly told me she loved me no matter what. I eventually got done with my mad phase and we watched a movie together. I woke up this morning with puffy eyes as a reminder that crying at night is a horrible thing.
Back to babysitting now....these people have got quite possibly the coolest washer and dryer set I've ever lie. So I was here once and the kids' mom was about to leave and I hear this singing noise. I was like, "OMG! What is that?" and the mom quickly told me how the dryer sings when it's done- so does the washer AND you can pick the awesome? Plus you can even see the clothes get washed thanks to the clear front of the washer. I'm completely sold on this.
The only thing I'm a little irked at is Tech's housing. I got a private room because I had been told constantly about roommates and blah blah blah. Well I got a private room for next year and heard I might get a roommate from some friends. I called housing, gave them my dorm and they said they haven't even heard that rumor and I was guaranteed my room strictly to me. This was July 30, so I shouldn't get any alarming news now, right? WRONG. I get this perky little letter today praising me for going to this school and blah blah blah when it tells me in the final paragraph I AM GETTING A ROOMMATE. Sarah=angry. Sarah's mom=furious. So my mom has this huge plan of calling housing Monday morning at 8 am when they open to get a full explanation here. Complete as to why I get told this and then today get a letter dated July 27, claiming I am not alone in my room. Go mom. Another reason why I'm thankful for mom who goes off on a tangent to my dad about it and as scared as he is of her at this moment nods and says, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," like constantly because he has learned to agree. Smart man.
Well anywho I have got to get back to this Cubs game...woot woot
And they're winning :)
Against the Marlins
Hasta La Vista