Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanksgiving...A Month Late

I finally have time to get on here! We're leaving tomorrow for Christmas (I have four), and I'll be out of touch for awhile. Here's what's been going on...
We had a new addition to the family in June - Tanner Augustus. He's 6 months old, and he's sooooo adorable! My grandma got a new dog to keep her company. He's beautiful. and his name is Sam. He reminds us of the dog from The Proposal (but he's gray). I also discovered a new hair product that keeps my hair PIN straight. Bigtime. It's called straight sexy hair, and it was only $7 at Marshall's. Woop woop, sales!
This quarter started with Tech Talk, athletics and life picking up. I'm still looking for jobs and apartments in Boston like crazy. I know God will provide, but it's hard having that security that a job and apartment will be there - and that I can afford it.

So more recent.
I got home last Thursday night around 11. My dad and I met in Vicksburg (he had to meet with clients all day), so we ate at Rusty's. It was SOOOO good!
On Friday, I got an iPhone 3GS. Yes, folks...Sarah is in touch with the world. It's been the best thing I've ever done. And it has a pink OtterBox. Oh yes.

Slater, one of my best friends from high school, moved back home from Dallas. We've been hanging out A LOT, and apparently we're awkward and loud in public. Poor people around us. We try out the massage chairs in Bed, Bath and Beyond and pick out bedding and china like we're getting married or something. That's totally not going to happen, but it's fun to hear people ask if we have kids, are dating, are married or are engaged. The stories we come up with are great.

I'm finishing some packing and such for tomorrow, but I attached pics with narration! Merry Christmas, y'all!

My annual pic by the Christmas tree!
My grandma's new dog, Sam! He's precious!

The Nobles had a Christmas gingerbread party.
Here's Katherine and me reppin' class of '08!
Slater in BBB. This is probably
why people give us strange looks

This is my absolute dream bed!