Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I Hate

Here's some of the biggest things I hate or get on my nerves...I'm in the mood to vent...
1. Just because I'm in college does not necessarily mean I'm going to drink or party at an opportune moment. I was offered a shot of a strawberry patron margarita the other night and some guy said he was proud of me for turning it down. Inside I hated the fact that so many kids these days go off  to college and at the first invitation to drink or party they soak it in. I've been asked to be a designated driver, I've been asked to take a sip, heck I've been offered alcohol, but I don't want any (not until I'm 21 and at that I'll have maybe a sip). I believe in drinking when you are of age and limit yourself- for instance, I will limit myself to 1, if I even drink all of it when I become of age. 
2. People who stop in the middle of the walkway to talk. Seriously, can you not see the plethora of students coming by and going around you because for your convenience you can't move to the side. No, you have to stand there and talk and talk and talk while people are trying to get to class and are in a rush. Rude.
3. People who try to tell me what to do. I'm on my own for crying out loud. Don't tell me I have to get my homework done or to put my phone up in class (if you aren't the professor, that is). I'm a big girl. I know the rules, and yeah I might break them but it's MY responsibility for my actions. No one deemed you the title of "Sarah's Mom." In fact, my own parents don't know half the stuff I do and guess what: I'm doing just fine. 
...I'm on a roll here...
4. When you come to my room, I don't really care if you sit on my bed, but if you have food, well then that's a no no. I came in the other day and some girl had Chick Fil A on my bed when a stool is right in front of her she could have set it on. I had to walk out. I mean, I guess I could start putting notes everywhere saying NO FOOD ON MY BED. But really, if you don't want us eating on your bed, don't eat on mine. 
5. I hate the awkwardness when a guy and girl are just friends and one likes the other- or the wierd questioning of "does he like me?" Seriously guys, tell a girl you like her. I know there's the fear of rejection and what-not, but still. Buck up and tell her- or just ask her. In my opinion asking would be easier, but that's just me. 
6. I hate shallow guys. You know what I'm talking about- the guys who only look for the girl with the good bod and spill their hearts about "inner beauty." Seriously, if looks didn't matter, I think some people would have some interesting spouses. I'm by no means shallow- I want physical attraction to that person, but for me the #1 thing I look for is the heart. Why get the stunning guy who is full of himself when I could get the sweeter (not as good looking) guy that I could grow old with. I also hate it when guys only go for "hot" girls. If they would lower their standards on physical beauty, they could find a girl in no time. 

So that's all I've got time for...I just needed to vent.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Two Closest Girlfriends

I've been looking at other people's blogs and I must say I'm jealous...especially at how boring mine is...So here's the plan: I'm going to start adding more pictures and make mine more interesting (how's that sound?). This blog is dedicated to a ton of random things..such as friends and what nots..

This is my absolute best friend in the entire world, Tay and me. We grew up in the nursery together and have grown so close over the years. I haven't seen her since 2006, but each day we grow closer and older clinging to the promise that we'll be each other's maid-of-honors. She's taught me a lot about life, love, and relationships and I owe her the world for putting up with my bossiness when we were 4. Ever seen Bride Wars? I'm Liv and she's Emma. 

Amy is one of my truest and bestest friends...she knows pretty much everything about me...not as much as Tay, but she's pretty close to knowing it all. She's full of knowledge and patience. Amy has answers to all my questions and can read me perfectly. If I attended LSU or she attended Tech, we'd pretty much be the best pair of roomies ever. I owe her a million m&ms for getting me through the rough areas in life and answering all my phone calls, no matter what time it is. Amy hears everything I say and backs up her beliefs with scripture, which is what I need to start doing. She's one of the strongest women I know and America needs more women like her. 

So those are basically my 3 best friends. I've watched them all grown closer to Christ- especially since college and the rough areas of life, knowing that no matter what He'll always be there. Tay has taught me that there's always people out there who have it worse than you, and that my parents are cooler than I give them credit for. Whenever we hang out, we stay up all night, making a fort out of the bedsheets, telling stories with a flashback, and recalling old letters. Amy knows the right Bible verses to read to me at all times and it never fails. Her mantra is love always wins, and I've learned that it's true. Amy and I love deep movies and healthy food (yeah, right). Words cannot describe how amazing she is. Finally there's Sloan. He was my prom date senior year and my relationship expert friend...we help each other even though neither of us have really dated. So in closing, these two girls have made me who I am today and have made me a much better person. They know the words to say and advice to give. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding A Church

The first Sunday in April, I was at First Baptist Church in Ruston. I liked the style of worship, I liked the preaching, but what I didn't like was the clicks. I had gone to Sunday School there until January, when I had a lot of homework. Since then I came up with excuses and lame reasons not to go, truth be told it was because I couldn't find anyone I really meshed with and I felt like an odd puzzle piece there. I never found the click, greeting time in church service was somewhat awkward, and I felt God calling me to visit elsewhere. I visited Crossroads and absolutely loved it. I loved the music and the fellowship. There were so many families and older people there who were happy. It was incredible. Even though I cannot make their college group because it meets during 56, I'm satisfied in knowing I've found a new home if I don't find one elsewhere. 
I still plan on visiting around and seeing where I fit in. I don't really like hymns that much or older style- I love it at my grandparent's church though- but the church met my needs. I wanted security and friends and I found all of that. I plan on trying some other churches around here and I'm praying that perhaps the decision will be hard for me to make a decision on my permanent stay. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm horrible at confrontations. Awful I must say. So why is it whenever something really really REALLY irks me I blog or message someone about it? Why am I too scared to politely ask for something to be moved? I don't know...I'm just sick of being in this scared bubble I'm in. It's the same with relationships and whatever. I always beat around the bush instead of straight up asking the person or telling them. I'm a journalism major, people! It's my job to ask you and not be scared or chicken of the response. But this takes me back to elementary school and junior high- the cruel answers (trust me yall, I was a geek) and then the tauntings and rejections...so I guess that's why I leave the notes and messages and beat around the bush because I'm scared. I let my past scar me and now it's almost as if I can't move forward. But I'm going to try...though it may be difficult, I'm going to try....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rethinking The Kiss

     So everyone who is facebook friends with me knows I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day...until recently. I've got to thinking that perhaps I made that commitment because God knew who I would date come June and save me from kissing him. I never really have been gung-ho about this commitment- I just figured that maybe when I made it some guy would come along and we would get married and share the blessed "true love's kiss." 
     I got to thinking though...in today's times most people use the first kiss as a border between friends and I-want-to-date-you (unless you're naughty and choose to be friends-with-benefits). Sure I like someone now, but maybe it's because I've had this feeling about them I haven't felt for anyone in a long time that perhaps I'm reconsidering this commitment. What if I get that Hollywood kiss? And besides, I got to thinking that when I do get married, I'm not going to know how to kiss....
So here's what I'm thinking....I will keep this commitment if and only if the guy I date has never been kissed (which is very, very, did I say very? rare to find in a guy). If he has been, then I'm game for a smooch. Keep in mind here people that I've only dated one guy for 6 weeks, so I don't just go for anyone, I have high standards....

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Eyes Are Burning!

Oh my...
So I just saw "Fireproof" and I must say it is the best movie I've ever seen (or one of)...and it had me on the edge of my seat with a box of imaginary Kleenex (a.k.a. my blouse). It was beautifully written about how a marriage not centered around Christ will crumble and the importance of remaining loyal to your spouse. I just had to blog as my eyes are blurry from crying so hard...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It invigorates me. It makes me feel like new. Though I hate it while I do it, I can't stop. What is it? Yoga. Though considered as a worship practice in Buddhist countries to find an inner zen, I have learned to appreciate it for what it is: a good stretch and workout. Every Monday and Wednesday at the school gym. there's yoga class. I usually go and come out feeling alive and strengthened. My mom hates the practice and considers it as opening oneself up to whatever, but I find it allows me to worship my maker. Whenever we meditate or I find myself in pain, I pray. I go over scripture in my mind and then I feel better. I repeat Philippians 4:13 all the time, knowing Christ will give me the strength to make it through the difficult pose. The results? I've become more flexible and have better balance since taking the class. I don't sweat as much as I did the first few weeks and I can maintain my focus better. 
I figured I'd write this blog as I sit here watching Gilmore Girls while the kids are asleep. Yes, I'm babysitting again, but this is the last time I will before school gets out (which makes me sad). Anywho so some yoga thing is coming on at 9 and I'm eagerly waiting to get that good stretch. Even though it isn't a 75 minute workout, I know I'll get a good stretch every second of those 30 minutes. And someday, I will be become a yoga master :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to Blog...

For the first time in quite awhile, I've stumbled upon a horrible case of writer's block. Oh no! Well for starters I'm extremely tired. I pulled into my driveway at 4:15 p.m. today and have been running since. My parents took me to eat Mexican tonight after having one of those painful ortho appointments, and then the lady I nanny for called, so I've been watching 3 energetic kids since then. I love babysitting them, though. They are byfar the best kids I have ever watched and never push my buttons on authority. They do what I ask and even though they may not want to take a bath or go to bed, they do it anyway because I asked them to. I want kids like these- kids that study, know their smarts, and love life. Kids that aren't afraid to step into the world and ask questions, and kids that obey. 
So in close to this blog, I pray all the time that I have kids like these because I know that if God blesses me with that, I will have a beautiful family. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Buy the Jeans

That's right, I said it. Put the jeans down and step away. Or at least that's what I was telling myself in Wal Mart this morning as my favorite pair of Merona jeans from Target will most likely be laid to rest soon. The jeans, which I bought 2 years ago and make my legs look great, suddenly had a fatal emergency when the zipper decided not to work properly and have been fixed multiple times- all temporarily. 
Jeans are not an easy find for me. Ever. As a size 12/14 girl with the hourglass figure (or square, you decide) and hips (oh yes, I inherited the Brown hips that don't lie), junior sizes were never made for me. I discovered that in 8th grade when the size 11 jeans I tried on barely wrapped around my hips and the "low-rise" meant "moon-rise" on me. I have quite a few pairs of jeans (okay, 6) and I love them all differently. For instance, we have the fat jeans that I wear whenever you eat a little too much that week (and trust me, it must have been a bad week to down a pint of Ben and Jerry's in 5 minutes), the skinny jeans (worn greatly), the roll-up jeans that are more flattering than when down (unless it's rain-boot day), the I-don't-care-if-these-are-ripped-they're-comfy jeans, the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped-jeans, and alas, hips don't lie jeans (worn particularly with long shirts to hide the emphasis they give my hips). Those are my jeans and I love them for what they are. My Merona jeans fell under the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped category, and I felt graceful in them. They went with anything and made my thighs looks slim (not that I have monstrous thighs, or even tiny thighs, I believe my thighs are average, though I love my legs). 
My friend Heather and I started our diets today though (another reason for not buying the jeans at Wal Mart). Here's what I've had today though (haha not diet-esque at all): Pop Tarts (mmm), Cheese Hot Pocket, and 4 yellow bunny Peeps, not to mention my Venti Non-Fat Sugar-free Hazelnut 3-splenda + Energy latte (divine, I must say). So when I was browsing Wal Mart, looking for a new pair of jeans to replace my old ones (side note: I despise Wal Mart when a Target is in town because they have cooler jeans), I realized  I was buying these jeans as a replacement for my beloved Meronas. How could I cheat on them, when my mom, a wonderful seamstress, could most likely fix them (we're thrifty people and all about saving money)?
So when I picked up 2 size 14 Faded Glory jeans (mind you, Wal-Mart brand and I'm going home next weekend), I think I was so desperate for a replacement when I could not even find something to replace my beloved Merona's. Sure, they had the tummy tuck feature (though I do not carry my weight in my stomach), but I believe it is better just to hold off when I can go to Target and find a beautiful pair of size 14 slightly faded, Merona jeans just like the ones I had (and my legs looked good in my rain-boots when I wore them). 
So here's my goal: to be a size 10 by my 20th birthday (which cannot be accomplished with the magic of Peeps and carbs), however I will start a food diary. However, I have learned to embrace my hips, for all they are. After all, I was told I'll have no problem during child labor, so take that you size 4 slender ladies watching your hip size!