Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding A Church

The first Sunday in April, I was at First Baptist Church in Ruston. I liked the style of worship, I liked the preaching, but what I didn't like was the clicks. I had gone to Sunday School there until January, when I had a lot of homework. Since then I came up with excuses and lame reasons not to go, truth be told it was because I couldn't find anyone I really meshed with and I felt like an odd puzzle piece there. I never found the click, greeting time in church service was somewhat awkward, and I felt God calling me to visit elsewhere. I visited Crossroads and absolutely loved it. I loved the music and the fellowship. There were so many families and older people there who were happy. It was incredible. Even though I cannot make their college group because it meets during 56, I'm satisfied in knowing I've found a new home if I don't find one elsewhere. 
I still plan on visiting around and seeing where I fit in. I don't really like hymns that much or older style- I love it at my grandparent's church though- but the church met my needs. I wanted security and friends and I found all of that. I plan on trying some other churches around here and I'm praying that perhaps the decision will be hard for me to make a decision on my permanent stay. 

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