Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm horrible at confrontations. Awful I must say. So why is it whenever something really really REALLY irks me I blog or message someone about it? Why am I too scared to politely ask for something to be moved? I don't know...I'm just sick of being in this scared bubble I'm in. It's the same with relationships and whatever. I always beat around the bush instead of straight up asking the person or telling them. I'm a journalism major, people! It's my job to ask you and not be scared or chicken of the response. But this takes me back to elementary school and junior high- the cruel answers (trust me yall, I was a geek) and then the tauntings and I guess that's why I leave the notes and messages and beat around the bush because I'm scared. I let my past scar me and now it's almost as if I can't move forward. But I'm going to try...though it may be difficult, I'm going to try....

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