Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Buy the Jeans

That's right, I said it. Put the jeans down and step away. Or at least that's what I was telling myself in Wal Mart this morning as my favorite pair of Merona jeans from Target will most likely be laid to rest soon. The jeans, which I bought 2 years ago and make my legs look great, suddenly had a fatal emergency when the zipper decided not to work properly and have been fixed multiple times- all temporarily. 
Jeans are not an easy find for me. Ever. As a size 12/14 girl with the hourglass figure (or square, you decide) and hips (oh yes, I inherited the Brown hips that don't lie), junior sizes were never made for me. I discovered that in 8th grade when the size 11 jeans I tried on barely wrapped around my hips and the "low-rise" meant "moon-rise" on me. I have quite a few pairs of jeans (okay, 6) and I love them all differently. For instance, we have the fat jeans that I wear whenever you eat a little too much that week (and trust me, it must have been a bad week to down a pint of Ben and Jerry's in 5 minutes), the skinny jeans (worn greatly), the roll-up jeans that are more flattering than when down (unless it's rain-boot day), the I-don't-care-if-these-are-ripped-they're-comfy jeans, the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped-jeans, and alas, hips don't lie jeans (worn particularly with long shirts to hide the emphasis they give my hips). Those are my jeans and I love them for what they are. My Merona jeans fell under the not-as-comfy-as-the-ripped category, and I felt graceful in them. They went with anything and made my thighs looks slim (not that I have monstrous thighs, or even tiny thighs, I believe my thighs are average, though I love my legs). 
My friend Heather and I started our diets today though (another reason for not buying the jeans at Wal Mart). Here's what I've had today though (haha not diet-esque at all): Pop Tarts (mmm), Cheese Hot Pocket, and 4 yellow bunny Peeps, not to mention my Venti Non-Fat Sugar-free Hazelnut 3-splenda + Energy latte (divine, I must say). So when I was browsing Wal Mart, looking for a new pair of jeans to replace my old ones (side note: I despise Wal Mart when a Target is in town because they have cooler jeans), I realized  I was buying these jeans as a replacement for my beloved Meronas. How could I cheat on them, when my mom, a wonderful seamstress, could most likely fix them (we're thrifty people and all about saving money)?
So when I picked up 2 size 14 Faded Glory jeans (mind you, Wal-Mart brand and I'm going home next weekend), I think I was so desperate for a replacement when I could not even find something to replace my beloved Merona's. Sure, they had the tummy tuck feature (though I do not carry my weight in my stomach), but I believe it is better just to hold off when I can go to Target and find a beautiful pair of size 14 slightly faded, Merona jeans just like the ones I had (and my legs looked good in my rain-boots when I wore them). 
So here's my goal: to be a size 10 by my 20th birthday (which cannot be accomplished with the magic of Peeps and carbs), however I will start a food diary. However, I have learned to embrace my hips, for all they are. After all, I was told I'll have no problem during child labor, so take that you size 4 slender ladies watching your hip size!

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