Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laying Down at His Feet

Last week, I blogged about my stress and how I just gave everything up to God. Well guess what? He blessed me with more than I could ever imagine! I got a roommate who is a strong Christian and is careful not to cross boundaries with her boyfriend (plus she collects knives and has a black belt- or something like that- how cool?), I've been desperate to read my Bible (and I must say it feels ah-mazing), and I've grown much closer to God. I gave up on my own desires and trying to fix things or just giving them half-way to God. In the end I discovered He could give me more than I could EVER have imagined. 
I just hung up with one of my best friends, Amy. She is one of the strongest Christians I know and we talked for an hour about guys and God. We discussed how we like to know the exact details of things and we are such planners, so it's hard for us to submit our worries 100% to God. We discussed how we so badly want to get married and have kids, that we forget to include God in our plans. I told Amy about the guy I like and we laughed like little kids at some things, but I told her that honestly I feel awful for ever reconsidering my commitment to save my first kiss for my wedding day.
Let's be honest here. When we think about the person we like, most think of holding hands, kissing, sweet little dates, blah blah blah. Sure I think about those, but I feel like I'm cheating my prince out of the deal. Looking back at my successful (not) one relationship I've had, I am so glad I didn't give in and kiss him, because I wanted to hold out for my husband, the man of my dreams. Amy asked me what it I think it would feel like when a guy "captured my heart." I told her that I honestly think it's a joy God puts inside of us when that person consumes our life in a healthy way and we just know that no matter what, he's going to love us and care for us- a genuine person. To be honest, most girls want security in a guy and for him just to love and care for her- nothing else. 
So I'm about to peace out and do laundry, but I felt like I haven't given God enough glory for all He has done for me lately. Trust me, life becomes less stressful when you give it all to God, and even if Satan says otherwise, just pray and have faith He'll bring you through. Because He will.

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