Thursday, March 26, 2009


So the other night I bought some cookie dough at the grocery store on campus, Bytes (intense name, I know). I got back to the room and made plans to bake cookies the next day. Well last night I felt like making some, so I did, however instead of them coming out all golden brown and beautiful, the edges burnt- and now my roommate cannot stop laughing at me. About 5 minutes ago, I got the 2nd round out of the oven, and this time, we had golden brown goodness. Yes, I just dedicated a blog to my cookies, which tasted delicious.


  1. gurll.. call me when you need to bake some cookies.. ive never burnt any.. ((yet))

    and i very much admire the fact you dedicate a post to your cookies..

    i bet cookies really love you for this.. even though they were burnt..

  2. oh sister
    we can totally bake cookies...i was in the mood to bake some tonight..
    hmmm....we should compose a plan here