Sunday, March 22, 2009


So since the past few weeks have gained more stress on me, I have turned into a completely different person. I usually welcome people in the dorm room whenever my roommate brings them in, does not mind a friend staying the night, and loves spending time getting to know people. Lately I have misplaced that person. Tonight I have become a grouch, just want things to go my way, and worst of all I have not had my quiet time in weeks. I listen to my worship playlist every day or so, but I have lost that strong connection I had with Christ what seems like ages ago. So here is what my plan is:
1. To have that quiet time beginning tomorrow and try to keep it going every day
2. To get at least my 8 hours of sleep each night, no matter what
3. To do my best at school- I have been a slacker, but the Bible says whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God and not man. It also tells us to do things at our best, as if doing it for the Lord, which I definitely have not been doing.
4. Be more optimistic and become the better person. I also vow not to let stress or my personal issues overcome my usual personality. 
5. I want to become that joyful person I was- the carefree, spontaneous, energetic Sarah instead of the my-way, grouchy, lazy, and selfish Sarah (which I hate). 
That is my goal list. I should add changing the way I eat (tonight I binged for the 5th night in a row), but whenever I say I am going to make that lifestyle change, things change. Maybe I should just say my goal is to eat more (kind of like reverse psychology).
I close this blog apologizing to anyone that has been hurt by this monster lately. I do not know what has gotten hold of me, but I do know that Satan has unfortunately won a battle and has made me into a person I do not like, and I could eventually get even worse. To all my friends: thank you for sticking with me, even when I do not deserve your time, kind words, and interest in my issues, and even more to God, an apology for not spending more time in His word, listening and singing praises to Him, and letting my life determine our time together instead of our time determining my life. 


  1. I have a question I need you to answer: Why do you love Boston? =D I LOVE that city! -- Judith

  2. Oh that's an easy question! I've wanted to live there since going on a family vacation when I was in 5th grade- then I went again last March and fell even more in love with I'm a diehard Patriots, Celtics, and RedSox fan