Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I'm about to have a complete breakdown/meltdown/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I'm tired of people confirming us rooming next year then something happens and plans change. I'm tired of this constant change. I'm tired of waiting around on people to tell me something and plans might change. I wish I could go to the Jonas Brothers concert and had taken and woman up on an offer to buy a ticket from her, but I didn't and now the concert basically sold out. Nothing is available on TicketMaster and everything else is scalped. I'm tired of people not paying attention in Wal Mart and stopping in the middle of the aisle to talk to someone they knew back in the day, holding up everyone else in the city of Ruston, and then 9238439393 minutes later realize, oh there are other people who need to get by. I've completely given the roomie situation to God, and am completely tired of trying to get it on my own. I've just given up all hope and plan on getting my own apartment on-campus, however oh wait there are only 6 of them available. So maybe, just maybe, there will be one for me. And there's the last thing I'm going to just vent on. I'm tired of being the initiator with my best friend. Always always calling her, sending her texts, emails, facebook messages because I want to tell her what is going on. I hate the fact that these people I've met here, who have known me a total of 6 months know more about me than she does now. I know she's busy and I love her to death, but really, make time for your best friend of 19 years. I feel like I've been shoved in the corner of her crazy life and I hate it. She calls at her convenience but never picks up when I call and I know she ignores some of my calls, but really. REALLY. How hard is it to pick up the phone and call?
So last night I had like a 20 minute Bible reading and it was really refreshing, yet I feel like whenever I try to find a roomie on my own I fail. So I'm just trusting God. And I have been told oodles of times to pray about it. My mom told me 5 times in our 10 minute conversation this morning. I think I just need to go home, take a bubble bath, and sip an iced latte slowly while listening to jazz. That will indeed help. Can August 15 please just get here?

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