Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Father's Love

This morning in church, I was taken back by this cute little redhead girl sitting in front of me. She was with her family -- a young, hip mom, preppy dad and super adorable brother (he was definitely a Ralph Lauren baby).
The entire service, I watched her as she sucked her thumb and glanced around. She was the quietest little girl I've ever seen, especially having not been older than three (we've all seen those toddlers in church that talk or whisper the entire time...she didn't do squat!).
During the sermon, her dad gently picked her up and placed her on his lap. She curled up in his arms, thumb in mouth. Her dad kept holding her tight and gently played with her hair. My heart melted like cookie dough on a warm baking sheet.
I was reminded of how we are with God. We can sit in his lap and accept his embrace anytime. We can chill and just stay there, doing absolutely nothing. I loved the visual image I got.
In general, I love watching young families at church - the mom who rushes in, making sure the family looks all nice and presentable, the dad carrying the baby bag with little Ella on his hip and Timmy toddling behind the family, kicking rocks as they walk in. I can only imagine what all they go through just trying to get out of the house, but seeing young families in church make my day.
It shows that they're following through their tradition. They're raising their kids properly. How I long for the day when I get to walk in church with my husband and kids. I love seeing godly husbands take their wives to church and being the spiritual leaders in the household. It's refreshing to know that there are still men like that out there.
I saw Pam Tebow Thursday night, and she gave my friends and me some words of advice I genuinely hold to heart.
"Ladies, God has the perfect man out there for you. All you can do is wait for Him to bring him to you. Don't settle for anything less. If God is big enough to create the whole world and you, He'll bring the right man along."
That hit me like a brick wall. I think girls these days believe they have to change themselves to cater to a guy. Here's the thing: you are fine as you are. Don't lose the extra 20 pounds for him - do it for yourself. Don't cake on extra makeup in hopes that he'll notice. Do it to boost your self esteem. Don't give in to what a certain guy wants. If he really wants you, he'll look beyond your flaws and like you for who you are.
And here's a key for guys: Sure, looks are big when scoping out the ladies, but go for the heart. For all you know, she might not be able to help that she has some extra weight (ever heard of thyroid disease???  I'm speaking from experience here). Never refer to a girl as "fat" in front of other women. And the final note: you don't always have to have a girl by your side. Personally, it's a turnoff when I see guys who date girl after girl or always have to be in a relationship. Be independent. Learn things about yourself while single (this definitely applies for the ladies, too).
I know a lot about being single, and trust me...I've learned much. It's nice having that person to chat to at the end of the day and knowing that you're always cared for...and it's nice having free food (for the girls, at least), but if you know it's not going to last, why waste your time?

So that's my spiel on it all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I came home from quarter break on Thursday and have had a surplus of time to clear my mind. I've enjoyed the little things in life - sunsets on the river, breezes, drives around town, local sushi, smiles and Target (yes, I threw this in the list).
I've gotten more sleep than imaginable, and I feel like a new woman. My mind has had plenty of time to clear as I prepare to tackle yet another quarter. It's hard to believe that I graduate in less than 15 months. College has been the best thing to happen in my life. I've learned from mistakes, made new friends and got to know people I never thought I would.

I have to go run to a doctor's appointment, but I figured I'd spend some time blogging :)