Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yesterday was good- I babysat, went to work and got a pedicure. I had brownies and mac and cheese and acted like a kid.

Not today.
Here's how my day from hell went:
1. I woke up.
2. I made my bed and accidentally stepped on my snoozing laptop. No big, I've done that before, but just wait.
3. I straightened my hair, and it turned into a slight frizzball.
4. I get to work, and I nearly break the scanner. It won't load my name
5. My computer at work (a PC), had an orange flashing light until the superhero Amy came to fix it
6. The copier jammed some mega paper this morning
7. I went to get a drink from Sonic and passed it up. Ugh.
8. I got home in reference to No. 2 and discovered my Mac has a slight crack on the left screen. Not good. I seriously almost cried and immediately made phone calls. It's going to cost AT LEAST $300. A place in Mandeville is calling me back in the morning.

So tonight I've dusted my room, and I'm watching Losing It with Jillian. I'm about to eat some steak and then clean the bathroom then kick back and relax. 

So tomorrow's agenda is to scope out this place to fix my computer, pay my parents for car insurance, vacuum, sweep, mop, clean house and butter up my parents so they don't flip out about my Mac and start chunking stuff out again. 

On another note, I'm dying my hair in an hour. Wish me luck!

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