Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Need A Pedicure

I just looked at my heels and had a major realization: I need a pedicure. Well the other sign was when my toenail clung to the blanket in the ICU waiting room. It was gross. But alas, a pedicure will make my feet feel beautiful and surely they will look amazing. So here's an update on my grandpa: he had his stomach removed Thursday night, and I went up Friday morning to see him. He's still puffy, he's in ICU and we were pretty much assured today that he might not make it out of the hospital alive. I have been telling myself that since he's been put in, but my mom and grandma took the news terribly. I'm thankful for the time I spent with him this weekend- even if it was 15 minutes a day. The doctors have been honest and helpful (not to mention one was gorgeous) and the nurses have done their utmost best. My family cannot express how much prayers and phone calls mean. The friends of my grandparents are the greatest. Same with the people who bring food (that's to you, Mrs. Cecil, who brought the Shipley Donuts and Firehouse Subs).
I learned something in the ICU waiting room today. While meeting other people in there, I learned we all have a story of how we know someone in there. This includes my cousin's math teacher whose mother is in ICU. Other families with small children come in the waiting room, waiting to see the doctors, praying for a glimpse of hope. After we basically got worse case scenario today, another family checked on us throughout the day. It was so refreshing to have people that fully understand because their loved one is ill in the back. Granted, sickness and suffering is terrible, but considering both patients (my grandpa and this lovely lady) are Christians, they know they won't suffer much longer. I hate seeing my grandpa confined to his bed and unconscious, but his smile when he hears my grandma's voice, and his motion towards the music my dad plays on his computer are relaxing enough to him that we all know he enjoys it.
So before I go see my grandpa next Friday, I am absolutely getting a pedicure and will return with pretty toes and a grateful attitude for every moment I'll get to spend with my grandpa.

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