Monday, July 12, 2010

My Hectic Day...and Road Rage

I seriously have waited all day to FINALLY blog about this day. So here goes.
This morning I woke up and lounged around till about 6:45, which is when I needed to go get coffee, go to the gym to take a shower (don't hate) then go to work. All was fine and dandy until I got out of my car, only to notice that my gym bag seemed extra light. As I walked from my car to the entrance (hey, it counts as exercise- gym bag= weight AND I walked a good three minutes each way), I noticed my bag was light today. I apparently was half asleep because once I got out of the shower (the main reason for going- spa shower with heads coming from each direction AND spa shampoo/conditioner/body wash in three separate pumps), I noticed I forgot my makeup AND hair products. So.not.good. So I drove 15 minutes the OTHER way headed home, did the five-minute full face (I'm a, really) then undid my hair from its wet messy bun and scrunched it with products faster than you could say aloha and scurried off to work. I did take a brief minute to add more milk to my iced coffee that was half empty (hey, I needed an extra boost of protein). So I'm headed to work, and I realized I had the bagel I bought this morning at the coffee shop in my glove box (bagel=carbs, which you need daily - duh- and the cream cheese is a dairy product. I kicked two out in the span of two hours). As I'm singing my head off to who knows what on the radio and nearing the office, some IDIOT driver thinks that when you pull up, she can just go after I waited on the drive in front of her to full-on brake, go then it was my turn. No, she went, and boy did I blow my horn. I held on to it for five seconds, threw my hands in the air (my road rage technique) and sped off. The frustrated woman knew I had caught her in the act (muahahahaha) and was mad 'cause she couldn't get away with it. I really love honking my horn. If I go the usual way from the gym, I have to cross this bridge that merges into one lane...boy do I really honk then. If you know the lane ends, don't come whipping around traffic to try and let ME let YOU (the idiot) over. Oh no, have to stick it out. I've done some major tailgating and honking to ensure people they are not allowed over.
After a day of sorting claims at work, I grabbed a smoothie (hey- it had strawberries and bananas (fruits), honey, milk (dairy) and ice (water). That thing was delish AND I was able to exchange my broken gladiators- the zipper broke on the back of them. It was rather tragic, considering they were my faves. After all of that, I got home, watched The Fresh Beat Band (yes, I'm insanely in love with Jon Beavers and technically he's not a pedo if he's a good dancer and can make my heart melt) then bathed. Bath No. 2 of the day. Soon after, I pulled my hair back in a wet messy bun and cleaned my room. I'm going to BR to see BFF Ashley tomorrow, go to Lauren's grandpa's funeral Wednesday then drive back to BR and come home with Ashley on Thursday. We're exploring Madisonville, and she leaves Friday. I'm SO excited, especially since my parents are bummed that I never invite my friends over. Considering I babysat every single Friday and/or Saturday night the final three years in high school, that was physically impossible. And my friends lived on the other side of town.
So anywho, my french manicure has dried and my bed is calling my name. Goodnight, world :)
And yes, I am going to the gym to bathe and fix my hair in the morning...then I have to get an oil change. Woot woot. And work. Then get off, grab my stuff and see BFF Ashley. Oh this is gonna be fun :D

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  1. So i'm not going to lie... I'm a little bit jealous of this BFF Ashley... i mean, i thought i was your BFF. What's all the crap about saying how much you love me and how you can't wait to see me? Please Sarah. You're nothing but lies. Besides, this Ashley girl is nothing but a jerk. She always takes her phone away from me when I try to buy a harmless little game that's only 5 bucks. What a penny pincher! You go off with your little "BFF Ashley" and have fun without me! and you'll never get the secret recipe to my mama's green beans!!!