Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Cow Cheese

You know the Happy Cow commercial? It's the story of my life. If you haven't seen it, the commercial always opens up with this woman telling some story in her life then laughing it off with the cheese that has 35 calories per pouch and like 1 gram of fat. It's supposedly like miracle cheese. Anywho, I feel like most of my life is like that. I always have a story behind everything. Always. And I love sharing and hearing stories- they're the heartbeat of my life. So here's my Laughing Cow story of the day. I left Soul Food with my friend Leslie cause I needed another cup of coffee today. As we were pulling off, the barista man was like flinging his arms in the air. I left my $50 giftcard behind and threw my car in reverse- very careful not to scratch Maybelline, four-month-0ld Corolla. Well the guy was dying laughing and was like, "uh ma'am, you forgot your receipt."
Story of my life.
And today I discovered I can not go to some grand event without having some form of distraction to others. This guy came and spoke at our school and as everyone is dead quiet and they're recording this, my phone dropped. Not a slight drop...no like BAM where everyone in the auditorium could hear it.
So yeah...be prepared for more cheeseball stories as I get this migraine the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro. And why is it that massive? I forgot to drink my cup of coffee this morning. So here I am, drinking my iced coffee and listening to Enya all while I blog.

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