Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fresh Start

Last Friday I moved up to Ruston, and let me just say, I was more than ready for this move. I love my parents truly and dearly, but I was ready to get away and be with my friends- and thank God we all made it safe! I'm not going to lie- my apartment is awesome, I have an incredible and understanding roommate, and I'm so ready for God to move in my life even more than He did last year. I've been stressing a lot lately over Tech Talk- the school paper, and I've gotten the cold/allergy junk...not fun. Another downfall has been my spiritual walk. I went through a lot of highs and lows this summer with God and now I'm at a low. And I know when I'm at a low because that is when the devil works in me not to be myself. I have not made bad choices or gone off the deep end, but I know I will if I don't get back into my routine of a quiet time and such. So I'm sipping some nighttime herbal tea and blogging while listening to Phil Wickham, all in hopes of motivating myself to finish my Housing story (which will rock, by the way). I have realized the past few days that I have got to step up my spiritual walk because the devil is trying his best to put things in my way where I cannot have my quiet time, and I cannot let that happen. Tonight we had an event called Fusion and the worship was incredible (mostly Phil Wickham songs). I got a lot out of it and it was such a refreshing time for me to get with God. I'm just hoping I make the right choices this year and surround myself with good influences. I was in the Tech Talk lab, and let me tell you, that is a mission field in itself. Most of the students in there were talking about getting drunk on NyQuil and overdosing on medication along with drinking. Honestly, they are missing something in their life to do that and I left there knowing I'm going to have to be bold this year.
I've gone off on a tangent far too long here, so I am off to finish 10 lines of my Tech Talk story then sleep, go to class, and do an interview/write a story tomorrow...and I'm just praying for the strength to get me through...

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