Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Spring has finally sprung (well, early down here in Louisiana), but this means baseball season is underway. Since the Sox collapse in September, life hasn't been the same. The first week of baseball was terrible, then right as they give fans hope of overcoming the Stankees, they collapse two games to Tampa Bay and the Rangers.

In other sporting news, the Bruins have done superb in the playoffs. I've discovered Milan Lucic has one heck of an arm when it comes to fights, and Thomas blows my mind with the saves he makes. The Pats have the easiest schedule thus far (hallelujah), and the bounty deal with the Saints is allowing me to get back at those who can't get over the spygate scandal with Belichick. That was how many years ago?

So let's move on to cooking news :)
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Bucca Di Beppo's Spicy Chicken Rigatoni. I cut out a lot of the oil, made the recipe just for one and did not add the peas. There were some other changes I made to the recipe (like subbing red pepper flakes for Tony Chachere's), but it came out really, really well.
I'll blog the recipe next time :)

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