Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Findings

A few months ago, I created my Pinterest account. Since then, it has been extremely helpful in deciding what I want to cook for dinner (whether it's in the slow cooker or on a whim), as well as giving me some amazing cleaning ideas. You can find the link to my Pinterest page here.

My utmost favorite pin was a cleaning solution that consisted of vinegar and lemon. Here is where you'll find the link to the cleaning solution. You have to scroll down half a page. but it is well worth it. I usually use it to clean my floors and bathroom (after I use 409 in the loo) for the refreshing smell and odor absorber. I usually add a few drops of lemon oils to enhance the smell (let's be honest - vinegar isn't the most appealing odor).

I personally did not strain mine, and I did not use just the peels. This go around (I'm currently letting my second solution soak for two weeks), I'm going to attempt to strain and use a different bottle. The prior time, I would just cut a lemon and try to get just the peels, but parts of the lemon were still in it, causing the pump to clog with the pump. Regardless, it's a good cleaner altogether, and you won't be sorry :)

The picture below is of my first attempt. It turned yellow over time. I let the solution soak for two weeks under the sink.

So that concludes this blog! Happy cleaning! :)

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