Thursday, June 4, 2009


I haven't blogged in a few weeks so here's how my summer is going...AMAZING! I'll put events in the best chronological order I can. At first I was bummed because I only had a babysitting/nanny job a few days a week and needed another form of income. Well the insurance company I've worked at for years contacted me about some scanning (I really do love scanning) and I got a raise PLUS they found a lot of files for me to scan! If that enough was not good news, the day before that I got my first BRAND NEW car! My mom took me test driving Wednesday and then last Thursday we picked it up. I could have had either silver or red. Being chic and laid back, I chose silver just so it wouldn't be a target for the cops...THEN I leave tomorrow night on our voyage to Chicago! We plan on  pulling up at the hotel Sunday night, and even though I hate the drive, I have the Jonas Brothers to keep me company. Oh and about them! I go to their concert on August 15 and my mom is FINALLY becoming a fan! If that isn't good news enough, I'm thinking about working at Radio Disney after college. I LOVE Disney and would LOVE to work for them. Oh and the JoBros are on the cover of most magazines these days, so I'm extra excited about that! Well anywho...that's a wrap...I'll blog soon about Chicago!

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