Monday, October 25, 2010


I finally have a little bit of time to update this thing! I have an 8:00 Spanish class, so I need to leave in five minutes. Yikes!
Okay so I totally wish I had the schedule I did last year. I thought life was so hard as a reporter. I loved the interviews, but it interfered with my social life. This year? I don't know what a social life is. I kind of like that - keeps me on the books, but I miss my friends. I LOVE what I do- attending sporting events, covering stories, getting to know my reporters and writing more about sports- which is my love.
This is a brief look at my week (every week...hardly a change, unless the other sports ed does the layout)
Monday- class, journalism lab for a few hours, Sonic, babysitting, possibly back to the lab, Zumba, bed
Tuesday- lab, class, Sonic, babysitting, staff meeting, Zumba or remain in the lab till late, bed
Wednesday- class, lab for final edits, babysit, Zumba, bed
Thursday- (one day to sleep in), class, Sonic, babysit till about 6, Zumba or a volleyball game, bed
Friday-class then my one and only free day....oh wait, I spend it laying out the next week's page and doing a ton of homework.
Weekends? Football games and homework,
Note: I cram in some time to get homework and studies done throughout the week.
So that's basically my life for now. Nov. 18, I'll get a two week break. Hallelujah.

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