Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today I was on facebook and a friend sent me a link to a video he was telling me about. To be quite frank this friend is obnoxious and at times can get on my nerves- like a lot of my friends do- but this just tipped the iceberg. I watched it, and go figure it was somebody ragging on the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings. The whole 2-3 minutes of the video felt like a lifetime and I just sat there disgusted. I never liked South Park and found it for creepy men who could never grow up from cartoons, so Hollywood had to come out with perverted cartoons just to feed the creepy old men as they age. 
I thought the video was very immature and crude beyond words. It made me sick inside and boiling with anger. Sure, I lashed out at this person for it, and do I feel bad about it? Not one bit. In fact, I was rather glad that I brought up my point that I am all gung-ho about wearing purity rings. Sure, we exchanged our opinions, but I'm rather relieved it didn't result in an ended friendship. The rest of this blog is dedicated to what really enraged me with the video.
When I was 14, I did the True Love Waits thing at church and made my commitment to stay pure till I get married. I got the purity ring and am still 100% pro-abstinence. What really ticks me off are the people who have no self control go off and make this commitment then toss it because they meet "Mr. Right" who turns out to want the girl for all the wrong reasons. I truly and honestly believe that Hollywood cannot stand the fact that 3 young guys want to change the world of music by taking a stance on purity and what's better yet is their music lyrics. They aren't straight up nasty with girls, they talk about their inner feelings about dating them and a kiss, nothing more. I honor that entirely.
What also frustrates me are the stupid annoying immature boys (they don't even deserve the title men) who crack gay jokes. Seriously, if you want to score points as my friend, END THE GAY JOKES AND THE JONAS JOKES. I personally get offended when my likes and interests are constantly bashed in my face. I took the video as a slap in the face, primarily when Mickey Mouse was cussing profanities at Joe and it shows him getting beaten up. Sadly, the stupid immature creepy old boys probably laughed at the video in their drunken splendor. I on the other hand took it to the next level of ticked off. 
Granted, not everyone is perfect and I by no means are calling the Jonas Brothers perfect. Heck, they admit easily to imperfection. What I am trying to do is get the point across that if you are going to crack gay Jonas jokes and constantly rag on me, don't even bother calling me a friend. 

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