Thursday, May 7, 2009

In A Wrap

Even though freshman year isn't quite done yet, I thought I'd blog about it. To start off, I came to Tech knowing all of 4 people, and the only person I truly knew was my roommate. My first day, I made some friends, but in the past 9 months, I have made more friends than I could imagine. My views on certain things have changed as well as my beliefs on certain issues. I have grown closer to Christ than I could imagine and have found my place at the BCM. I attended Chi Alpha until this quarter when a lot started coming up on Thursdays. I may visit some next year, but I have felt that I need to stay with the BCM. 
I made most of my friends either at the BCM or in the journalism department. Others I met through friends I had. College exceeded my expectations. I've learned to accept new ways, new people, and new ideas. I used to be semi closed-minded on certain things. I learned that I don't know the Bible as well as non-believers who question why Christians do some things they do. It kicked my butt and now I have to double check my beliefs on certain things.
I have grown a new love for Broadway and hatred for foul language and smoking. I've met people from all over instead of just a certain area of town. I found myself going to church alone, and felt a call at the end of the year to go church hunting. Another church has sparked my interest and I absolutely cannot wait till next year when I get to go back to this church. I have realized I am not 100% Baptist, but rather my beliefs are mixed with others denominations. 
As I head home every weekend from now till May 22, I pray that next year will be even better than my freshman year. 

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