Thursday, February 26, 2009


So how would you define love? I once read that love is a decision and a choice, and that everyday you choose to love- but that was with spouses. I believe that, but I also think love is an emotion we are all given by God. He first loved us by creating this world and creating us, and most of all by sending His son to die for us. To me, dying for the one you love is the utmost form. That's how I know my dad loves me unconditionally. When I was a little girl, I asked him how much he loved me and he said he would die for me, and take a bullet for me. At the time I couldn't really comprehend it, but I know my dad would do absolutely everything in his power to die for me. Someday when I marry my prince charming, I hope that he would love me enough to take a bullet for me, be my protector, and come to my beckon call when I'm in need. I also think there's a special bond between fathers and their daughters- a special love. It is said girls base the man they want to marry on how their father treats their mom- I totally agree....I definitely do. My dad has fallen more in love with my mom the older I get, in my opinion. Anyways I have a ton of studying to do...but I felt I should share my feelings of love here...besides, love is all you need. 

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  1. :D i love love..

    i read that love was a choice too..

    and i would take a bullet for you too guh..