Friday, October 9, 2009

A Breakdown in Wal Mart

Yesterday was such a bad day! To start off, I put off my duty for Tech Talk and getting interviews done by running around town and all over with my friends. Know how long it took? 9 hours. NINE HOURS. But it was the time of my life. So yesterday comes and I am stressed bigtime. My article ran front page of the college paper, which is exciting, but I honestly would have rather had all my assignments done. And the worst part about when I stress is my avoidance of things. I was in a big mishap with my mom and my other story was falling through AND I didn't want to get a 50 on my grade for the paper (class) because God only knows how much of a basket-case I would be.
So I'm walking in Wal Mart (note: I'm really when stress comes around, I go grocery shopping), and I'm talking to my mom who was stressing me out. Oh and Wal Mart doesn't sell Damp-Rid. Our apartment has a lot of moisture in the air that causes papers to be damp (not sure why) and the guy told me to look at Ziplock bags. Do I have "DUMMY" written across my forehead? No. It would be by air filters, DUH.
So I went in the bathroom, got in a stall, and bawled it out for 5 minutes then spent another 5 to clear up my eyes. The rest of the time I faked allergies in Wal Mart. HA.
Well I get out of there and head to get pizza with a friend, and as I call the sports editor to tell him my back-up idea and he loved it. Well then I told him it might be late, but I can have it done sometime tonight and you know what his response was?
"Oh, it's due Sunday at 5 p.m."
Seriously the Hallelujah chorus ran through my head.


  1. Sarah... this is really sad. :(

  2. Hahahaha
    But my day did get a lot better!