Thursday, October 8, 2009

Songs of My Life

Ever have those songs that you listen to and you think, Man, THIS IS MY LIFE!? It's the story of mine.
First off, Demi Lovato and I are separated at birth or something. Her song, "Don't Forget," screams my life. You find that person, you have a fling (or you think there's something) and then they forget you, and at the same time you're trying to forget them.
"Catch Me" is my new fave. I've grown really close to about 5 or 6 girls this year. The past few nights we've had girls night (and my grades aren't so hot because of it). But they think I'm going to marry this guy, and they are ALWAYS saying, "he's gonna lick your toes" and "OOOOWEEOOO Sarah and ________!"
I find it rather amusing that I, in complete denial it would work out since I long to be in Boston and he elsewhere, would date this guy. I mean he's very attractive and all, but I mean there are some flaws. I just don't see it happening. Mark my words however if we did date, we might get married, MIGHT.
Oh and my friends joke around the fact I am obsessed with weddings.
So here's my likings: Disney, Boston and weddings.
I sound like a wait, I think I am one.

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