Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Life Hates Me

I'm thoroughly convinced that everything hates me right now.
Here's why:
1. My iPod cannot hold a charge and when I go to charge it, the battery drains. To make matters worse, I have to troubleshoot it ALL THE TIME.
2. My MacBook has an issue with the headphone jack. It has some switch turned on right now where I only hear music if headphones are plugged in. It stinks!
3. I got really excited that I could wear my rainboots to class today. I get there and the girl next to me said, "Hey, you have a hole in your rainboots."
Sure enough, I look at the back and the seam came undone. Great.
4. My mom didn't move money over this week and I have $2 in my bank account. Unless she moved over today. She "keeps forgetting" to pay back for the groceries.
5. The guy I like keeps texting one of my close friends. No big- I know they would NEVER date. It just grates my nerves. A little. That he's texting a girl and not me. But like I said, it grates my nerves...just a little.

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