Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Summertime

This time last month, I was staying at a Residence Inn in Maine. I had flown into Boston, inhaled the fresh air from the city I love and was about 70 minutes north. I had seen Bush's compound in Kennebunkport, watched the Bruins fall to the Canucks (sweet revenge came back) and downed some clam chowder and an entire lobster at the Weathervane. It was just like what you'd see in Country Living - small cottages by the sea, retired people hanging out, families by the pool, the smell of the warm ocean breeze and pleasant temperatures that made being outside manageable.
The following six days would be spent in Boston. My prior post was dedicated to that trip, so I won't go back and elaborate on the beauty of it. I am however craving a bowl of clam chowder from Legal Seafood in Seaport. Best chowder you'll ever put in your mouth.
I genuinely miss Boston and everything with it, and I find it hard to believe that this time next year (God-willing), I'll be up there. Everything just needs to fall into place, and shazam!

On a different note, I watched The Social Network for the first time ever (I know...being a Facebook addict, you might find this hard to believe), and I loved it. I grew a stronger appreciation for Facebook, even though Mark Zuckerberg spoke way above my level of understanding at times.
And while I'm talking about smart people, I have recently envied those with an outstanding intelligence compared to others. I wish I could use big words and flattery (without cheesing it up) and be able to really swoon people with my knowledge of every subject out there.  I wish I could go out and score straight As on everything just from studying the night before (or heck, morning of), talk politics without sounding like a ditz (no really...I can't deal with politics) and be able to hold firm the ground of the point I'm trying to make (ahem, law stuff).
I'm happy the way I am, even if I'm not the most intelligent person on the planet. I like the fact that I can have loads of fun and enjoy Ruston, despite the fact that 100 days out of the year, I complain about how boring and dull it is.
So anywho, this concludes tonight's blog about smart people. Maybe one day I'll study up on really big words, gain some intelligence on broader subjects, get into law and politics and become a better well-rounded person (and a nerd).

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