Monday, July 4, 2011

Boston and Everything With It

A little over two weeks ago, I came back to Louisiana after visiting home. While yes, I am from the south, Boston is definitely home. The people were friendly as ever, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup (it was beyond amazing) and I found some areas I would love to consider moving to.
Riding the subway at rush hour was the cherry on top of me wanting to move there. You're crammed into this small train with hundreds of others after a long day at the office, and you have your own set path to get home. You could just look at some people and tell how their day went. The journalist in me wanted to sit down and ask them how they ended up here (I'm pretty sure some people had a dream like mine and left everything to follow their true passion).
If you know me, you've heard me talk at least once about Boston, its sports teams or the desire to live up north. I know several factors could prohibit me from going: falling in love with someone who wants to live elsewhere from Boston, sudden illness in the family or something happening to me. My desire now is that it's not my personal wish to be up there, but rather it's my purpose.
Below are some pictures from my amazing time in New England :)

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