Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's to you, men.

So here's my confusion on men and why they call women "complicated" and can't seem to read us. Brace yourself...stuff's about to go down.

Honestly, men out there, women aren't as complicated as you think - genuine ones, at least. The good girls you want to marry and be all soccer-daddy with aren't on some other planet. My biggest pet peeve with today's men is how easily they settle. They find a girl they like (typically a size two girl with few morals) and try to make things work. Know what's wrong here? Men would go for the not so attractive thin girl in heels and a miniskirt over the curvaceous size 14 girl who's gorgeous and has standards.

Don't get me wrong...physical attraction is a big thing for me. That's the first thing you see, and for me, it doesn't matter what other people think of him - what do I think of him?

While the green is good and somewhat promising, I'd rather have that one guy who calls me the moment he gets off work, talks and isn't degrading to women. Finding a man like that is like finding a polar bear in Louisiana - nearly impossible.

So men...don't be so shallow, if you like a girl, tell her (chances are she digs you too) and if you feel things aren't going in the direction of a relationship, and she's dropping hints it is, tell her straight. Tell a girl the moment she hits the "friend zone" (I really loathe that term).

So that's my spiel. Man up and get the girl. Follow your dreams. Tell a girl immediately how you feel. Tell her if it changes. Otherwise, you'll be forced to settle and it'll be too late.

Okay...and my grand finale:
If you recently break up (guys and girls) don't find that "rebound" person. There are plenty of other ways to fill that void...someone to temporarily please you won't do it. Chances are one person will be hurt in the end. Speaking from my successful relationships, I'm not one to talk, but it's my opinion from the sidelines.

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