Thursday, February 25, 2010


So for the past year-and-a-half, one of my best friends Slater has been asking me to go to Dallas. Well folks, the time has come. I'm going to Dallas next month! My friend Ashley's older sister is dating a guy that lives downtown because of dental school. Ashley and I are going to Six Flags and let me just say, we are the epitome of fun. If you want crazy people, WE are what YOU want! Ever notice strange comments on the blog? Yeah, they're from her...but oh well. I still love her. Slight problem- we're trying to convince our friend Lauren to go..I mean tack her in and it's a BALLIN' weekend.
Okay I have no clue why I just used all caps for emphasis and why I seem so hyper. Pop Tarts might have something to do with the hyperness...and the cappuccino I just had. Bad Romance is on KissFM right now, and oh goodness. If you haven't seen the vid of Ashley, Lauren and me, you should. Go to We're finally getting views, but no new vids will be posted unless we keep getting views. Oh and let us know if you have a request. We plan on doing Alejandro sometime in the near future. It looks like Pokerface will be next. Our new quarter starts in 2 weeks, so we'll have more time to work. Be on the lookout!

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