Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Months?

Oh man, it's been two whole months since I posted something. Wow, I feel like a super slacker! Anywho, tons has been going on since then...Thanksgiving, start of winter quarter, Christmas and New Years. I intended on posting more on here between my last post and now, but time never allowed me to do so.
I've worked and babysat most of my time home, so it feels good to be back in school, in the swing of things and have more time to spend with my friends here. Usually it's vice-versa when others go home, but for me, I book up, I'm free only a few nights and my plans are always changing. Considering I'm a very scheduled person, that annoys me.
I had one of my best friends profess his love to me a few weeks ago, and frankly I was starting to feel the same for him. I'm not sure what this will turn into, but if I'm single at 25, we're getting married. We'll live in Dallas, he'll fly for South West and I'll be a journalist. When we have kids at 27, I'll be a stay at home mom.
My roommate and I have gotten close since the beginning of the year. Once we sorted through our differences, made some common ground and I adjusted to the fact that I'm not at home anymore, things fell into place perfectly. We still have our differences, but we've adjusted and it's a happier environment.
I cleaned my room last night, so hopefully I can keep it organized. I still have to go through my old clothes, pitch some and give them to Goodwill. Let me just say, I De-Jonassed it. There's one JoBro poster and that's it. My roomie thinks my room looks drastically larger. I have to agree. Tonight it's back to vacuuming and scrubbing it down/de-germing it (I have a sinus infection right now).
Toodles :)

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