Saturday, February 27, 2010

Procrastination is....not good

I have a 10-12 page paper due on Tuesday and guess how much Sarah's gotten done? Half of a page. On the bright side, that leaves me with 9.5 pages left. On the bad side. I still have 9.5 pages of space to fill. Unfortunately there's a baseball game going on, so I am not moving my car. The library closes in 39 minutes and instead of going to the library to print my research earlier this week, I figured I'd do it this weekend. Lovely. So tomorrow after church, the library might be seeing me again.
I'm really pumped about my topic though. I'm doing a paper (I'm so used to saying story) on Madonna and Gaga. I would discuss both of the singers, compare/contrast them and discuss how Lady Gaga has evolved into a larger singer than Madonna. While Madonna is very popular and known for her great singing skills, Gaga has already sold over 10 million copies of The Fame, making it a Diamond album along with the most copies of a cd sold ever (so the radio said). I could honestly go on and on about Gaga, but the thing is that I don't know too much about Madonna and much of our info has to be scholarly. How can we have scholarly material on Madonna and Gaga?
Man I wish Ruston had a Barnes & Nobles. I LOVE that place. I want to seriously spend a few hours there someday and get a cup of coffee and read a book start to finish. After all, they have a calming atmosphere.
Back to the paper though...I keep thinking of all of these other things I need to do- like vacuum and clean the tub and sinks and do dishes and burn a candle when this is prohibiting me from getting sleep! Not to mention the fact that the announcer guy from the baseball game keeps yelling, "Hoooooooommmmmeeeeeee runnnnnnnn!" or "Striiiikkkkeeeeee threeeeee!"
Excuse me, sir, but this is FINALS in we'd like to study. So please hold it down.
I think I'm going to wash my hair.

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