Sunday, April 11, 2010

Price of Beauty

So I'm sitting here with hot rollers in my hair about to load on mascara for church as I ponder what I saw on "The Price of Beauty." Jessica Simpson's new show has Simpson and friends travel across the world to different areas to find true beauty. In America it's the size -2, super thin, makeup with the rockin' hair. The one and only episode I saw this morning showed her traveling to Uganda. The translater/guide there took her crew to a tribe where fat was beauty. When a bride has two months before her wedding, she is taken to a "fattening hut"--actual term--and she must constantly drink whole milk. In those two months, the bride gained 80 pounds. I'm just saying, if I gained 80 pounds (I did in a short amount of time once, but that was before being diagnosed with thyroid disease), I would undergo a major depression. Simpson even asked men of the tribe about beauty and they said they preferred very fat women, like their cows. Having a fat woman and having a fat cow shows wealth. In America it's if you have a Mercedes, huge house and the Chanel purse, you have wealth. What different lifestyles! I decided to rant about it an hour later as I procrastinate taking hot rollers out of my hair for church.
Oh and the bride on her wedding day must wear a black veil and not be seen by the groom until after the ceremony. CRAZY!

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