Wednesday, September 1, 2010


These past few days have really shown about life. A friend had a baby Monday morning, but a childhood friend was killed in Afghanistan yesterday morning. I have another friend that is very pregnant, and my grandpa is reaching the end of his life. I find life miraculous. Considering my grandpa has cancer, and I'm just praying we'll have a final Christmas together, I know he's headed to a place far better than Earth. My friend Joey gave his life for our freedom's sake. It's rough when you know a soldier over there, but when you know one that was killed, freedom is suddenly not taken for granted. My cousin John has been overseas a few times. We pray for him a lot, but we never know if we'll get the call that something happened. In Joey's case, he contacted me a few weeks ago just to see how life's been. I'm so grateful I had those final words with him, thanking him for defending our freedom.
Though Joey is gone, the memories of us growing up together will forever remain in my heart. I've noticed how proud parents are of their kids- Joey's mom was beaming when he announced he was joining the Marines. Kaitlyn, my friend who had the baby the other day, is a happy mother. Her mom, my boss, came to work yesterday beaming from ear to ear as pictures were passed around. I realized the strong love a mother has for her children.
I know that when my grandpa passes (as we all will someday), he'll be in heaven. No more cancer, no more pain, no more problems coughing. He won't struggle with learning how to walk again or talking with a dry mouth. His leak that is dripping fluid to his lungs will be healed.
Anywho, I'm off to go brave the lines at Target and Marshall's (it's been 5 days since I've been) before coming home to pack more junk. Yay.

Our life is just a mist, but eternity with Jesus lasts forever.

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